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Shut Up and Take My Money l Chris’ Evo X


Individuality. It is the driving force which fuels car enthusiasts to build cars that not only baffle the media, but also galvanize them into fabricating their own sense of individuality. To which extent will one surpass to secure that individuality? Many cars in the game succumb to a cookie-cutter impression of this concept. With a modest set of wheels and a visual body drop, pretty much any person can say their car is idiosyncratic. Chris’ 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X is anything but average. His Evo X is laded with individuality and character.

KROPSxSoCal car meets/shows K1 Anaheim meet

Photo and Words by RJ Deslate


A couple of weekends ago our friends from KROPS and SoCal car meets/show organized and hosted a meet at K1 racing Anaheim, and to show our support and love for them, PVR Mike and I made it to the meet and do a coverage for them and here is the outcome . . .


Simply Green ll Terry’s Simply Clean Civic

Terry’s civics is up there among the cleanest civics! Im really diggin’ what the Honda guys are doing recently with the simply clean look without all the crazy camber and JDM this and that. Terry’s civic is different on the other hand. Its become truly a work of art. He started work on this car way before the whole car scene really blew up with Hellaflush and slammed rides everywhere. Back in the day where everyone riced out cars, Terry went in a different direction.

Hello Annie: 63 VW Bug

Owning a car is like being in a relationship, it is a never ending cycle. Both parties have to work together in order for things to go smoothly, if the owner takes care of the car, the car will in return take care of it’s owner. Before a relationship of any sort begins, the hardest step has to take place first, which is called the “search”. Everyone is in the search of the “right” one and some of us may find that right one, and some of us won’t, fortunately for John he did and by no means is his find perfect, Annie is his 1963 VW Bug work in progress.