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Shut Up and Take My Money l Chris’ Evo X


Individuality. It is the driving force which fuels car enthusiasts to build cars that not only baffle the media, but also galvanize them into fabricating their own sense of individuality. To which extent will one surpass to secure that individuality? Many cars in the game succumb to a cookie-cutter impression of this concept. With a modest set of wheels and a visual body drop, pretty much any person can say their car is idiosyncratic. Chris’ 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X is anything but average. His Evo X is laded with individuality and character.

Cresent Cup Motor Rally 2!

Last year some of the Carsxhype.com crew members participated in the 1st Crescent Cup Rally along the bay shores of California. It was a great experience and a great way to explore some of the most fun hidden roads in Northern California. If you missed out on the event last year, I highly suggest you make it out to this years event where they will be taking a brand new course around the Bay area.

The Crescent Cup Rally is a day long scavenger hunt event throughout the Bay Area. You’ll be driving some awesome backroads, while completing quirky tasks at different checkpoints along the way! We’re holding our next rally on Saturday October 12th! The starting point will be at Blackhawk Auto Museum. The route will take you all over the East and North Bay. As with rally tradition, we will be keeping the route a secret until the day of the rally!

This rally is open to ALL makes and models of cars! Whether you’re thinking about bringing out your daily driver, or weekend warrior, take it on the rally and have a blast with your friends!

At the last checkpoint, we’ll finish up the rally with an awards ceremony, which will include catered food and drinks, trophies, and a raffle!

You can register for the event at www.CrescentCup.com; click on the ‘Rally’ button at the top to get started! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at jmac@CrescentCup.com

Be sure to follow us at facebook.com/CrescentCup for updates!
Facebook Event Page: Crescent Cup Rally 2!
Instagram: @CrescentCup

Team är-kªn’: A Passion to Drive, Alberto’s Varis Evo X

Photos by RJ Deslate, Words by Alvin Thai

I’d first like to start by apologizing to Team Arkan, our readers, and my fellow CXH members for lagging on these features. I’m caught up in a lot of stuff right now, falling behind in school, and other things that I won’t get into. But before I went to bed tonight I had to clear my mind a bit with some nice writing and car blogging. It’s kind of funny how most people I know (including myself) dread writing material like it’s an impossible 25 page essay. The truth is though, once I start these pages it brings me a sort of peace of mind and fullfilment that I am doing what I love and pursuing one of my many passions. That’s what life all about isn’t it? PASSION, without this what would life be?

Passion, is what drives us into doing great things. Whether it’s becoming the ultimate athlete, singing your heart out, or building a magnificent car, passion is what we live for. It is with this passion that what lay before you today is possible. This team definately has a lot of passion for cars. Just look at this Evo X below, it doesn’t look like it was built overnight with last minute decisions and mickey mouse craftsmenship. It screams an essence of unity and quality.


Ford RS200

I was reading up on 7tune.com today and came across an article on the Ford RS200, it’s truly a remarkable car and I think it would be a good idea to remind everyone about this rally monster. According to wikipedia’s page: the RS200 Group B Rally Car has a turbo-charged 4-cylinder engine producing 450bhp and 361lbf·ft, Weight: 2,315 pounds, 0-60 in 2.8sec.“an RS200 Evo, achieved a recorded 0-62mph (100kph) world record time of 3.07 seconds; a figure that remained unbeaten for twelve years and not even the mighty McLaren F1 could match it!” -[7tune]Here’s an example of the sheer speed of the RS200, it smokes a Lamborghini on the dragstrip. (sorry that the video quality is crap)