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Club FR Drift Day 46

Club FR ended their drift season with a bang at the USA International Raceway’s unbelievable go-cart course. DD46-51

Mobile Mondays | Track Monster 370Z

mobilemondaysep2nd-1Today’s Mobile Monday is an actual tracked 370 with some gorgeous meaty fitment for max grip and handling. To download this wallpaper to your phone, simply click on the photo above. 

WEKFEST V | San Jose Convention Center | 7.27.2013


A different venue and time of the year for one of biggest shows on the west coast right now, WEKFEST SF! The best of the best vehicles come out and show for this event from classic’s to exotic’s, from northern California to southern California. Maybe it is because of the new venue but no ridiculous lines compared to the ones from past years in San Francisco, and thats a good thing in my book. All in all it was a different vibe!

Formula Drift Round 7 Irwindale Qualifying 2012

photo and words by RJ Deslate

Hello everyone, Irwindale is back and back with a statement.. There’s a prediction that Irwindale will be in its most attendance today and I totally believe them since the Formula Drift finals is one of those things in life that you cannot miss.


With the qualifying results yesterday; it looks like the top 3 drivers will have the greater chance of winning the title as Formula Drift champions which is currently in a tug of war between Vaughn Gittin Jr, Daigo Saito and Rhys Millen.


Astonishingly Rhys Millen got the #1 qualifier yesterday; with a near perfect score of 97!!

Autogallery Carshow @ Huntington Beach Video by Photo M.D.

Our very own Mikey Dang just released this rad video of the Auto Gallery Car show held at Huntington Beach, CA.. yes everyone… a car show right at the beach!

Now tell me, don’t you feel like you were just at the beach after watching this video?

P.S. Who needs swag when you have gangnam style?

SPOCOM: Anaheim 2012 coverage Part 1

photo by Jonathan Yu & RJ Deslate, Words by RJ Deslate, Video (bottom of the post) by Mikey Dang

Hello CxH fans, It is good to be back. After a few months of not blogging due to a very busy schedule at work and some new found hobbies, I’m finally back as efficient as I can. In that note; Jonathan Yu and I would like to present you our 2 part coverage of Spocom 2012 Anaheim held at the Anaheim Convention Center!

Spocom USA has been one of the leading car shows in Southern California is now in a world wide tour and one of their stop was at The Anaheim Convention Center in which I was very excited because of their mission to provide and promote the diverse youth cultures that we have. Did I Also mention this is my first time ever showing my car in a big show?! .. LoL

At the Entrance to the show, one will be greeted by this magnificent display of automotive art and high caliber show cars from team TWC.
SPOCOM 2012-23


Mikey Dang aka Photo M.D.’s Spocom Anaheim 2012 video montage|PVR x Carsxhype x Dayuum

The famous Photo MD recently went to the Anaheim Convention Center who were ill due to the lack of hype and this is his remedy . . .

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Extreme Autofest San Diego 2012 video montage by Mikey Dang|| PVR x Dayuum x Carsxhype

Mr. Mikey Dang is at it again with his beautiful videos and this time he presents us Extreme Autofest San Diego 2012.

Hot Import Nights LA video by Mikey Dang| PVRmotorsports x Dayuum x Carsxhype

Ladies and Gentledudes, I would like you to enjoy this epic video of HIN Los Angeles by our very own, handsome and beautiful.. Mikey Dang. All I can say about this video is DAAAAAAAANGGGGG

Armand’s Devil Horned Widebody Mr2 Feature| PVRmotorsports x CarsxHype

photos, words and video by Michael “Mikey” Dang

Honestly one of the most extensive shoots I have ever done. Getting to the secret location to meet up with Armand, I think we started shooting around 7PM. Planned out each motion shot out to actually feature himself as well into a mini story. Had originally planned a multiday shoot for multi locations but had decided to stick with a single location sufficed enough into an epic turnout of the final video product as you see before you. Having spent about 5 hours in that structure, I learned many things about Armand’s car history on the beginning stages of white to what is now the “Red Devil”. Every bit of the car has a story behind it especially the wing how it is a custom 1-off from a Corolla but had been chopped and redone to fit his MR-2 but then broken by someone leaning on it. Armand explained to me that there was no point in fixing something for so much money to have it broken again. All in all, it is just something to live with and it shows that he truly daily drives his car and it’s not just a showboat. I had the pleasure to learn more and more about not just the car but about Armand but I’ll leave that to others to meet him in person to know how down to earth he is.

Thank you again Armand for the opportunity for letting me shoot your car.

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