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Autogallery Carshow @ Huntington Beach Video by Photo M.D.

Our very own Mikey Dang just released this rad video of the Auto Gallery Car show held at Huntington Beach, CA.. yes everyone… a car show right at the beach!

Now tell me, don’t you feel like you were just at the beach after watching this video?

P.S. Who needs swag when you have gangnam style?

Waterwerks On The Bay 2012

Waterwerks On The Bay was such an amazing event! One of the best that I have attended this year. Initially I wasn’t even suppose to go to the event, but I heard about it last minute and I’m so glad I did. The Euro scene felt like a whole different scene from the JDM shows I was used to. The organizers did a great job on finding the location, explaining how all the judging was going to be and overall just creating a great environment. Check out the coverage!

EUROSweGO Coverage

This past Sunday Umigos in Livermore, played host to the EUROSweGO meet setup by Hands Off. It was mostly a Euro only meet. It was pretty chill little event, they had some nice Euro cars, music playing, models, and of course go karting! I was only there for about an hour, so you can technically call this a mini coverage. Enjoi!

Form vs Function ll Mini Feature

When it comes to form vs function it seems like people are very opinionated on the matter. In this feature i bring to you two BMW owners who have two different ways of styling their cars. Marty’s z3 is meant to handle the corners and pull hard, while Harjeet’s 3 series is meant to park hard and break necks. Two different stylings, two very good looking outcomes.

Erro: Kaethe’s BMW 318i E36

E36 BMWs, What do we know about them? We know they rake, we know there are tons of ‘em driving around but it takes some serious skills to pull one off without looking like a European techno junkie or M3 carbon copy. Looking like neither of the previously aforementioned, I am honored to present to you Kaethe’s E36, Erro. This car is girl owned, operated, and maintained with a constant quest for lows and a constant quest for awesomeness.

Wuste Las Vegas 2012 Coverage: Part 3 The Main Shebang!

Wuste Las Vegas is what you make of it. To some it’s a non-stop weekend long party, to others its a chance to catch up with old friends, and for many it’s a chance to brush shoulders with industry leaders and internet famous cars and their owners. To me Wuste was a mixture of all three and one epic adventure I’ll never forget. I cant quite remember who said it, but Wuste is just full of good people. For those of you who don’t know, Wuste is an epic gathering of Euro cars that takes place on the Las Vegas Strip (Well only a couple blocks away) I’ll take you through a journey of the main show event day!

The cars began rolling in to stage for the show. This MK4 and MK6 Jetta Wagon are posted up at the Winn VW booth. We actually cruised past these guys on the highway on our way to Las Vegas from SF.

Wuste Las Vegas Coverage Pt. 2 : Day One

One of the defining characteristcs of Wuste Festival, is that it is full of clean cars and good people. For this reason, one of the first stops after our 600 mile drive was a well deserved bug cleansing with some of the best folks around! The Wuste app which was created for the event goers to use over the weekend actually directed us to a nearby low car friendly car wash. This was just the beginning of an epic day!

Relay for Life Carshow

This past weekend Relay for Life held their first carshow in Tracy. CxH of course had to be there, we’re a big supporter of finding cures for cancer. The show was a great way to raise awareness and it was a pretty good turnout! There were cars and bikes from all different scenes; jdm, euro, muscle, old school, etc. Enough talk, your here to see the cars right? :)

Just Keep Swimming: The Story of Dori the E30

Going out on a limb really describes how we came to shoot this very car. I don’t know how many of you guys have watched Finding Nemo, but the story revolves around two fish who find each other in the ocean in a quest to find one of the fish’s missing son, Nemo. In our case, the internet proved to be the ocean and we found Scott’s car in the quest for stance. I “cast a line” to Scott through Stanceworks.com after seeing one of his cars parked on a familiar street in his signature. The rest is history. I’m glad that we can share Scott’s Beautifully done E30 which he calls “Dori” with you guys, Enjoy!

KROPSxSoCal car meets/shows K1 Anaheim meet

Photo and Words by RJ Deslate


A couple of weekends ago our friends from KROPS and SoCal car meets/show organized and hosted a meet at K1 racing Anaheim, and to show our support and love for them, PVR Mike and I made it to the meet and do a coverage for them and here is the outcome . . .