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Mobile Monday | Hold On Child

In this weeks Mobile Monday, here is David’s E30 sitting pretty. click here to download and view sizes.

You can find more photographs here here!

Slammed Society l WWTC Sonoma

Fatlace never ceases to hold great shows. They have come to be known as a worldwide ambassador of spreading the flush game to all the carheads of the world. With Fatlace traveling the world so much and spreading the name, it seems like they sometimes forget about their home up here in Norcal. This year however was on point, with a lot of the big Norcal crews coming out to support the show. Bringing some of the best that Norcal has to offer.

WWOTB l Waterwerks On The Bay 2013

Waterwerks On the Bay has come and gone yet again, with another great show under their belt. I get excited for WWOTB every year because it is the one and only show where you get a refreshing taste of what the Euro scene has to offer here in Norcal. Waterwerks brings out freshest Euros from all over the Bay area to as far as Canada with a wide variety of different builds from off-roading Beetles to aired out Audis. This year surprisingly had a lot more BMWs representing, half of them being from the CarsxHype.com Norcal car crew. Check out the event coverage by clicking that MORE button!

Pic of the Day.

Bmws just Chillin'
A couple Bimmers just chillin’. Of course as always stay tuned to the winter see more on both these cars.

For more car photos check out Ger Lewis Photography on facebook.

EUROSweGO Coverage

This past Sunday Umigos in Livermore, played host to the EUROSweGO meet setup by Hands Off. It was mostly a Euro only meet. It was pretty chill little event, they had some nice Euro cars, music playing, models, and of course go karting! I was only there for about an hour, so you can technically call this a mini coverage. Enjoi!

Relay for Life Carshow

This past weekend Relay for Life held their first carshow in Tracy. CxH of course had to be there, we’re a big supporter of finding cures for cancer. The show was a great way to raise awareness and it was a pretty good turnout! There were cars and bikes from all different scenes; jdm, euro, muscle, old school, etc. Enough talk, your here to see the cars right? :)

Just Keep Swimming: The Story of Dori the E30

Going out on a limb really describes how we came to shoot this very car. I don’t know how many of you guys have watched Finding Nemo, but the story revolves around two fish who find each other in the ocean in a quest to find one of the fish’s missing son, Nemo. In our case, the internet proved to be the ocean and we found Scott’s car in the quest for stance. I “cast a line” to Scott through Stanceworks.com after seeing one of his cars parked on a familiar street in his signature. The rest is history. I’m glad that we can share Scott’s Beautifully done E30 which he calls “Dori” with you guys, Enjoy!