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Club FR Drift Day 46

Club FR ended their drift season with a bang at the USA International Raceway’s unbelievable go-cart course. DD46-51

Illest OC Slammed Sundays

Every second Sunday of every month illest OC holds its “Slammed Sundays” car meet in collaboration with Royal Origin. With a lots of parking space on the street and a small parking lot in their plaza, it is the perfect place to hold a car meet. The event isn’t entirely about cars, but about community and having good vibes to end the weekend fun. With nice cars, food trucks, and illest showcasing their Fall Colletction, Sundays may now be highlight of every car enthusiast’s weekend.

Automass Rd. 3 Part 2

While most people go to Automass for some epic drifting, and the newly added bike stunt show, there’s also a pretty great show, with everything from clean Civics, Evos, and a few Beamers.

Chalkboard hood ftw!

AutoMass Rd. 3 Part 1



AutoMass has yet to disappoint, each event it has gotten better! Round 3 certainly topped the past 2 rounds. Huge props to all the outstanding drivers, the stunt bike riders and all the staff who made this event possible. It was awesome to see such a large variety of cars out on the track, everything from Miata’s to G body Lexus’s!

Sonoma Drift Series: Mint Drift B-Roll Video

Mint Drift is an up and coming Drift Team based in Northern California. I had the opportunity to tag along with them to Round 3 for Sonoma Drift. This video sums up the antics of the day. Enjoy!

Limitless Motorsports Customer Appreciation Track Day Seriously (C.A.T.S)

Hey everyone be sure to head out to Thunderhill Raceway February 3rd for lots of Drifting, Gripping and even Skidpad! Contact Alex at Limitless Motorsports to sign up! Carsxhype will be out there covering all the action with our friends DoubleZero and FKN Famous in case you miss out! You won’t want to miss epic tandems by Norcal Drift Heroes Team MINT! To test your car control there will even be an Ebrake parking challenge hosted by GarageStar for an $100 Gift card during lunchtime! It’s going to be an epic event RSVP on Facebook HERE

-Grip $130 Full Track
-Drift $130 Full Track
-Skidpad $50

(650) 589-5495

Hope to see you all there!

AutoMass Round 2!

AutoMass Round 2 was a huge success! The weather was perfect, the cars were outstanding and the crowd was wild. There was a great range of cars sliding and even more of a variety in the show. I will let you all go ahead and check out my coverage from the event! Enjoy!

Formula Drift Round 7 Irwindale Qualifying 2012

photo and words by RJ Deslate

Hello everyone, Irwindale is back and back with a statement.. There’s a prediction that Irwindale will be in its most attendance today and I totally believe them since the Formula Drift finals is one of those things in life that you cannot miss.


With the qualifying results yesterday; it looks like the top 3 drivers will have the greater chance of winning the title as Formula Drift champions which is currently in a tug of war between Vaughn Gittin Jr, Daigo Saito and Rhys Millen.


Astonishingly Rhys Millen got the #1 qualifier yesterday; with a near perfect score of 97!!

Pic of the Day.

Team Mint going HAM at Fatlace’s Word Up event at Hellaflush Xiii. Drift coverage coming soon.

Photo via Michael Klonoff.

Formula D 2012 Round 1: Streets of Long Beach video montage

Mikey “Photo M.D.” Dang, of PVR motor sports, made this awesome video montage of Formula D round 1 in long beach with the special participation of Carsxhype and Dayuum.