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Autogallery Carshow @ Huntington Beach Video by Photo M.D.

Our very own Mikey Dang just released this rad video of the Auto Gallery Car show held at Huntington Beach, CA.. yes everyone… a car show right at the beach!

Now tell me, don’t you feel like you were just at the beach after watching this video?

P.S. Who needs swag when you have gangnam style?

Team är-kªn’: Jovi’s Evo IX

Photos by Rj Deslate, Words by Alvin Thaiteamarkan-36

When I first met Jovi I immediately recognized him to be the heart of Team Ar-Kan. He owns not 1, not 2, but 3 show cars including this amazing Evo IX featured in modified mag a few years ago. It also recently trophied 1st place in Hot Import Nights “mildly modified” category in show. But hold on a minute here, just look at the picture above, there is nothing “mild” about it! From the custom C-west and Voltex lip combination, agressive track them, and hidden 2-tone white exterior I’m baffled as to how anyone can say car is “mild”.

Hot Import Nights at Pomona Fairplex California

Photo and words by RJ Deslate




In the five years I’ve lived in Southern California, I have always missed out on the very famous Hot Import Nights due to different reason and I have always regretted it for missing it but last Saturday was my time for redemption and finally made it for my Hot Import Nights. Despite the fact that the original venue was suppose to be at Irwindale Speedway along with Xtreme Drift Circuit but due to the complications going on at Irwindale Speedway; the HIN staff was quickly able to relocate their venue at Pomona Fairplex, CA while XDC round 1 was moved to Arizona. For a last minute relocation, the staff were able to pull it off at Pomona Fairplex quite nicely.


Team är-kªn’: Childhood Dreams, Evo VIII GSR

Photos by RJ Deslate, Words by Alvin Thaiteamarkan-20

Through my years of experience in the car scene, I have come to notice a lot of things about car us lovers. It seems that us die-hard car junkies are almost destined to become a tuner at the time of birth. We are born into childhood filled with hot-wheel toys and racing games. Then filled with media garbage from MTV music videos and The Fast and the Hideous movies to fill our brains up even more about cars. If you are from OC like I am, then the JDM scene is almost inescapable from daily driving. At an early age we dream and dream of a desired car, what mods we wish to place upon them, and how bad ass it will be to finally sit behind the wheel of one and call it your own. For Paul Maleon of Team Ar-Kan the story is no different.

Team är-kªn’: Prologue

Photos by RJ Deslate, Words by Alvin Thaiarkan2

On a warm peaceful December night I found myself relaxing in front of the television enjoying my dinner. I was on edge as I watched Dexter season 5 anticipating the next murder scene. Then all of a sudden my phone rings and Mikey Dang screams “WAKE UP AT 7:00AM TOMORROW WERE SHOOTING TEAM ARKAN!” Upon ending our phone conversation I was curious as to see who Team är-kªn’ was, I mean the name sounded familiar and as a CXH writer I was a bit embarrassed not to know. I searched online and sure enough I immediately recognized the beautifully fine tuned machines before you. I’m sure you’ve seen them everywhere that I have at shows like Spocom, Autocon, or Extreme Dimensions, but now you get the CarsXHype experience and an in-depth look at what makes these 15 cars so awesome!