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Shut Up and Take My Money l Chris’ Evo X


Individuality. It is the driving force which fuels car enthusiasts to build cars that not only baffle the media, but also galvanize them into fabricating their own sense of individuality. To which extent will one surpass to secure that individuality? Many cars in the game succumb to a cookie-cutter impression of this concept. With a modest set of wheels and a visual body drop, pretty much any person can say their car is idiosyncratic. Chris’ 2010 Mitsubishi Evo X is anything but average. His Evo X is laded with individuality and character.

Formula D 2012 Round 1: Streets of Long Beach, main event coverage

Photo and words by RJ Deslate, video by Mikey Dang

Formula D is back again and how awesome can the inaugural event would be when it is held Long Beach Grand Prix track utilizing turn 9, 10 and 11. Yes, they are literally using the streets of long beach. For this season, there has been an abundant amount of rookies and one of them already built a huge fan base stateside. His name is Daigo Saito and he is the reigning Formula D asia champion and D1GP japan champion.
He is currently driving this Lexus SC430 built by Bridges Racing and running on Achilles tire rubber and under the hood; it sports a 2jz-gte producing around 1200 HP!!
During the beginning of the Formula D season, one would usually see drivers with different teams, vehicles and sponsors and for this year, Drift Alliance OG, Ryan Tuerck is one of them. He now drives the Retaks LS3 powered s13.5 rocking fifteen52 wheels on Maxxis tire rubber. He seems very comfortable with the car and ended up being the number one qualifier in the qualifying rounds.
Now for the Main event …. click READ MORE to continue . . .

Formula Drift Annual Tech Day 2012

Photo and words by RJ Deslate

In my younger days in the Philippines, I would always look at the windows of magazine stores and stare at the cover of Import Tuner, wishing I had enough money to buy a single issue. Some of you guys might say, “well, why don’t you just browse it?” In the Philippines, browsing is not allowed in magazine and book stores. I started to build up that hunger and obsession towards Import Tuner Magazine, Modified Mag and Super Street even though I have yet to read a single one of them till I moved here stateside. Last saturday was a childhood dream come true to me; not only was I able to visit Source Interlink Media which produces a good amount of famous magazines including my favorites, Import Tuner, Modified and Super street. It was also Formula D tech day and I was able to take a glimpse on what is up and coming to the season of 2012 for formula D.