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Today’s photo of the day features the Honda City Turbo accompanied by the MOTOCOMPO. For you retro-Honda fans, the MOTOCOMPO was an optional, small, collapsible motorbike, offered with the Honda City Turbo. The City’s trunk was actually specially designed to fit the MOTOCOMPO within the back.

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Run Forrester, Run! | Dominique’s STI Swapped Subaru Forester Fri, 09 Jan 2015 19:34:04 +0000

Unique builds, we love em. We wish we could feature more of them! To me, they are one of the marks of a real car enthusiast. You don’t need to necessarily build from a unique chassis to be considered a “real enthusiast”; you can still build your S13 and be a real enthusiast. However, you must recognize the subtlety of other builds, the things done to underrated chassis’, and the quality of things done to cars that fall under the radar.

Dominique’s Forester is exactly the type of build we’re referring to. I’m sure you’ve all seen 2nd generation (2003-2008) Subaru Foresters done up in STi spec. They look awesome, and they can be crazy scary sleepers. They have been gaining popularity in recent years, but even they only have a handful of feature worthy examples.

Dominique’s Forester is a 3rd generation Forester, and I had NEVER seen any from this generation done up in STi spec. When I first began following his build on Instagram, I knew it needed a feature. From afar, it may look like a normal Forester with some wheels. Put let me post a pic of a typical 3rd generation Forester XT:


Now that you have that image in your head. Lets hear what Dominique has to say about his build.

What inspired your build?

What inspired me to build this Forester is to have a one of a kind Forester. Before getting the Forester, my dad and I had been eyeing on a Subaru WRX STI but we ended up getting a Forester XT because we needed something to fit the whole family in. The Forester XT already comes with a turbo, which gave us a little taste of the STI. A couple years later, my dad passed down the ownership of the car to me and after that, I have started putting mods on the car. After putting so many heavy mods in the car, the engine blew due to lack of tuning. The car was left in the garage for months till I thought about either selling it, rebuilding it, or swapping it. I contemplated for months until I saw an article about Subaru almost making an STI version of a Forester called the XTI, then I just decided to swap it, making my own version of the 2009 Subaru Forester XTI concept.


What are some hardships you went through to make the build possible?

The hardships my dad and I went through to make this build possible was trying to come up with the money and time to complete the build. During December of 2013, my dad and I discussed on how we can afford parts to make it an XTI. I managed to find a salvaged STI on an online auction. We were able to win the car for $8,000, but before we could get the car, we had to get a loan from the bank for 8k. We took a huge risk on purchasing a salvaged car, let alone purchasing it for $8,000. By the time the car came, my school had already started for spring semester and it was difficult for to me work on the car because i attend school at SDSU and the drive was 2 hours away from my house to my school. So my dad ended up taking over the build. We really had to be smart with our time because, I was in San Diego most of the week and my dad had work. My dad spent most of his days building the car. I was able to help my dad on the weekends, when I came home from school. After 6 long months, we were able to finish the car.


How did the build shape you as a person?

This build really tested me, because not everything we planned for the car worked out. It shaped me to be a very patient and dedicated person. There was a lot planning before we even started the build and right when we started, we were already running into some issues. We did not know what to expect, we just planned. It really took some patience in the beginning because we had a plan set and our plans did go the way we wanted. It took time to plan everything over. Once we were able to start the build, it was smooth sailing from there. It just took time and dedication to actually complete the build


What did you learn from it?

What did I learn from this experience? I have learned a lot of about the car and its parts. Learning the functions on each specific parts of the car and able to assemble and disassemble it. Figuring out the troubleshooting and fix it is the toughest part to do, but I manage to learn from it. This experience have taught me so many things like how to maintain a vehicle and learned from my mistake that I made from the past. I’m happy that this project was built in the right way.



I would like to give a special thanks to my dad who helped me most of the build, without him this build would never happen. I would like to thank my little brother, my cousin and my friends who helped out to do the heavy lifting. Lastly, I would like to give thanks to CARSXHYPE for the opportunity to let this car be featured in their site.

Mod List:


2010 STI EJ25 engine

2010 STI differential

STI 6-speed manual transmission

Stage 2 clutch

GFB Blow-off Valve

Perrin Crank Pulley

Tomei V2 Downpipe

Perrin Alternator Cover Belt (Red)

HKS Headers

K&N Typhoon Air Intake

Turbosmartwastegate actuator 7 psi

OBX catback-exhaust system

STI Strut Bar




Megan Racing Lowering Springs

2010 STI Brembo front and back brakes (calipers & rotors)



Subaru JDM Side Under Skirt

Subaru JDM Front Grille

Subaru JDM Roof Spoiler Kit

Subaru JDM Waist Spoiler Kit

Subaru JDM Front Bumper Skirt (Sport)

Custom Rear Underskirt



2010 STI Front (driver &passenter) seats

2010 STI steering Wheel

2015 Subaru STI shift knob

Subaru SPT short-shifter

Subaru STI SI-Drive

Cobb Accessport V3

Subaru SPT Boost Gauge



Work Emotion XD-9 18×9

Muteki SR48 Lug Nuts (Neo-Chrome)

Bridgestone Potenza 245/40/R18

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ProjectFRS: Varrstoen Wheels & BC Racing NA Thu, 08 Jan 2015 16:00:57 +0000 14246736458_06b2df1bb9_h

To kick off our ProjectFRS build, we were honored to have a few companies join us in our journey. Two companies who played major roles in our build were Varrstoen Wheels and BC Racing NA. We would like to thank Navith from Varrstoen Wheels and Cody from BC Racing NA for helping us in our build and getting us where we needed to be in preparation of our debut at Formula D: Long Beach and the rest of the 2014 show season.


After a long and hard decision of choosing which wheels would fit our FR-S the best, we decided to go with the Varrstoen ES1s in 18×9.5 +34 for all four wheels. To accommodate the drastic height change with the BC Coilovers, we wrapped the Varrstoens in fresh Nexan N3000 225/35/18 tires. The nice stretch allows the car to sit low and flush without any rubbing issues.


We chose to go with BC Racing NA because after many hours of research, we concluded that they were built with quality and thoroughly researched/developed for our chassis. We are very satisfied with them because we dropped it down to the height that we want and there’s still tons of room to go even lower if we ever plan to in the future.The drop from the coilovers and choice of wheel brought this car together very well. It’s nice and simple but still has an edge that makes it different from the rest of the FRS/BRZ builds.


When it came down to choosing the wheel. we wanted something that was wide enough where we didn’t have to run an extreme amount of camber to fit them or have too much of a stretch where we couldn’t have fun driving it hard around corners. We wanted something close to factory spec but with a little more meat for grip around the corners or straightaway.


For our build, we decided to go a different path than most FRS enthusiasts. We’re aware that this car was made for performance and function but we wanted to join the stance scene. It’s not every day that you see a slammed FRS on the street, they’re usually at a track height with some RPF1’s and meaty setup. Our build isn’t for the track but it’s not to be kept as a show queen either. We wanted to be able to drive it everyday with a little fun spirited driving here and there. Our style wasn’t too crazy, we just wanted it to be simple and clean.


Well, this is it for our introduction of our Project FRS at it’s first phase. Stay tuned to see what we have in store!

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Blake Kaufman’s VIP IS250 Mini Feature Sat, 03 Jan 2015 00:13:29 +0000

First off I want to wish everybody a Happy New Year and to start things off right we have Blake’s IS250. About this time last year he was rocking a completely different car. He had a black S2000 that was slammed on it’s nuts on a set of custom BBS’s. After having issues with cracked barrels time after time he decided to let it go and go in a very different direction. I personally like the VIP lifestyle, although I don’t necessarily own one myself, I can appreciate the attention to detail that one does to pull it off.

Blake started off simple, throwing on some JDM slim window visors as well as equipping the front end with an Ings+ front lip. Up top he added some roof diffusers and slim rear window visor. He has future plans of doing the new generation IS styled front and rear end, and addition I myself cant wait to see be pulled off (it looks uh-mazing on other IS’s btw)

No VIP build is complete without “that VIP stance” right? Blake knew that the only way to achieve this and have the look he really wanted was to go with a bag system. He decided to go with Function & Form struts paired with Airlift V2 management system, Viair dual 444cc compressors, combined with Meagan Racing camber, toe and caster arms. Inside the trunk is a beautiful simple setup, nothing too crazy and is still functional for everyday use. The air system is boxed in surrounded by blue LED lighting giving the trunk area a clean look. The interior while still mostly stock, feature wood grain accents, something notorious with VIP scene. He plans to acquire a custom cup and tray combo accompanied by all the VIP trimmings.

Blake had a plethora of wheel choices to go with.  He wanted something custom and something that would stand out.  He decided to go with VIP Modular VXS-110’s in 19 x 9.5/10.5 +25.  He chose silver brushed faces with polished step lips and hardware with red center caps.  These wheels definitely make a statement and with the car completely aired down, tucks nearly all 19 inches.  To run such a setup as this camber has been set at almost -9.0 degrees an he’s had his share of bad luck since the install.  He attended WEKFEST in Miami, FL where he ran into bad toe issues and de-beaded tires.

I can’t wait to see the remaining changes and modifications to come for this car.  It’ll definitely set apart anything he has previously done before.

For higher resolution photos visit and follow my Flickr page and like my page on Facebook at BTM Graphix.

]]> # 1 EZ Lip | GuerBear’s Install Fri, 19 Dec 2014 19:16:39 +0000 DSC_0281

Having a unique chassis is like a double edged sword, on one side its great because you can do things no one else has done and stand alone in a see of civics, 240s, e36s, *insert common JDM or EDM car*; but on the other hand, you’re pretty strapped to find parts. Many things are either discontinued, crazy expensive or usually just need to be custom fabricated. Welcome to my life, or if you’re in the same boat as me, welcome back aboard.

photo 1a

In the case of my saab, there isn’t much. No normal bolt pattern (5×110), no off the shelf coilovers, and definitely no wide array of body kits to choose from. So when it came time to find that “extra bit of low”, it took some creativity. The lip you see is from an Integra Type-R, and let me tell you, it is not a simple bolt on affair. But even after adding that lip, I still wanted just a teensy bit more low…


That’s where EZ Lip comes in! Their lips come in a few different lengths and are ready to mounted on any car. Before you say “oh just go to home depot garage door sealer its the same thing”, honestly its not. It may be similar, but EZ-Lip foam is thicker, comes with adhesive on it already, and doesn’t come all wrinkled and messed up in the packaging.

See that, nice pre-stuck adhesive.

Anyways, as the title points out, this is meant to be a little DIY/install story about my EZ Lip, so let’s get started!


As I alluded to before, there are a few sizes for EZ Lip so you’ll want to measure you’re lip first to double check the length. After I received mine, the first thing we did was mock it up next to the ITR lip to make sure it fits.


Even though you don’t need to take you’re lip/bumper off to install the EZ-Lip, I highly recommend it if its not too difficult. By doing it this way, you can ensure its installed straight and your bottom surface is properly prepped for maximum adhesion.


Plus it will really helps when it comes to curves in the lip.


We didn’t like the way the lip inevitably goes more horizontal at the curve rather than horizontal, so we needed to fix that.


By measuring out the curve with the lip, we were able to cut a couple triangles which helped the lip flap down less and follow the curve with less resistance.


Just keep following the bumper…


Pealing a little bit of tape at a time….


And periodically double checking to see if all is straight.


It forms to the up-curve rather well.


Once it’s all the way around, cut off the excess.


Apply pressure all the way around to ensure that its stuck on there really well.


Step back admire what you’ve done :)


Mount it back on!


Putting EZ Lip on the side skirts also added an extra bit of aggression.


Its the same process but even easier because there are no curves.



We had some left over and decided to see what else we could do….




After :)

Disclaimer: I’m not a paid spokesman for EZ Lip. I genuinely wanted to try their product on my car. Additionally, after a couple of days, the front lip began to fall off, however this was do to lack of surface area for adhesion not due to a poor product. I ended up having to take off the whole lip and drilling screws into the EZ Lip to keep it on my lip.

In the end I am extremely pleased at how everything looks and I’m very glad I did it.

You can get your EZ Lip HERE
Check out other people’s uses on their Facebook page.

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Midwest Drift Union Rd. 5 | Photo Coverage Sat, 29 Nov 2014 18:00:31 +0000 November 15th wrapped up the last in the Midwest Drift Union ProAm series located at the Gateway Motorsports Park just outside of St. Louis. While the turnout was smaller than usual, due to the extreme cold (even for November in St. Louis) this provided the opportunity for more hot seat time for amateurs working their way up the ranks.


Last minute prep was done on site to not only ensure their S chassis and beamers could withstand the brutal punishment of non-stop redlining and tire spinning, but to make sure that they could add more grip to compensate for the below freezing temps.


The first out on track were caught by surprise by how cold the pavement was and how little grip was available. This meant that more that a few might have been introduced to the wall, especially on the long sweeper, known to be difficult to lower-powered N/A drift cars.


Plenty of practice runs later, it seemed like everyone had their cars sliding through the Apex with style.


D Racing’s E36 had no problems sliding the long U-shaped sweeper towards the north end of the track.


Neither did this boosted RX-8, RX-7, or S14. See the below “… this is where clouds come from” gallery.


At the early end of the day (fearing that an incoming storm might make proam snow drifting a thing) Brian Petter and his gorgeous RX-8 clenched victory and first place at the podium for the end of the season MDU rd5.


Stay tuned for more Formula Drift coverage from CarsXHype coming up in the 2015 season.

Article written by Brent Conklin, Pictures provided by Brent Conklin of BNC Photography.

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Young Grasshopper | Isaac’s BRZ Mini Feature Mon, 24 Nov 2014 20:11:23 +0000 Isaac’s Subaru BRZ is in its early stages. He Bought the car 6 months ago and the build is looking promising. He started with just looking for a car with a good platform to build off of. He wanted somewhat a sporty ride and at a first glance he fell in love with the Scion FRS. After doing some more research the Subaru BRZ caught his eye. He decided to go with the BRZ, and he loves it. It’s amazing to see all the builds that are coming up from all over the world from this car. From Rocket Bunny kits to Aimgain kits and many more. He’s been building up his car piece by piece. Not a bad daily driven ride for a college student i must say. I can’t wait to see more of where he is going with his build. It is currently sitting static on AG f141. He also has little parts such as exhaust, royal grip steering wheel, and a lip kit by HT auto. He still has a lot to learn about building cars so i shall call him “Young Grasshopper” and teach him as much as I can. – Mike Phan

Issac's Brz

Issac's Brz

Thank you for looking!!! Remember to clean up after yourself, put the lotion where it belongs and throw those used tissues away.

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2014 Midwest Drift Union Rd. 5 Video Coverage. Mon, 24 Nov 2014 04:43:42 +0000 IMG_7369
The 2014 Midwest Drift Union has come to an end, but it went out with a bang! Rd. 5 was hosted at Gateway in St. Louis and it was an incredible event, gorgeous cars and phenomenal drivers. Here’s a video I put together from the event, photo coverage will be up soon from another one of our photogs. So check out the video here: MDU Rd. 5 Video.

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Hot Import Nights Houston TX 11/08/2014 Thu, 20 Nov 2014 00:55:47 +0000 Photos by Kerry Guevara. Words by Mike Phan

Hin Houston (142)

Hot Import Nights never ceases to amaze. This show was combined with “The Vape Summit” which was huge! Basically a whole convention for vapors. All the big and small vapor shops came out to offer their products to the industry. Oh boy they didn’t just bring out e-juices and high end vapors, they brought out their own models too (which were all beautiful by the way). The Car show side was fairly small but came out with a bang. Mostly all quality builds and some of the sickest line up i have ever seen. It just so happens that this show landed on my birthday so i was busy celebrating and drinking with my new friends from Houston. Here are some photos by my partner Kerry Guevara.

Hin Houston (138)

My favorite ride of the show was this beautiful NSX from Team Apokalypse by Jason Lee.
The overall presence of this was breathtaking.

Hin Houston (25)

Unbelievable whip…. can you say street sweeper?????

Katie Rash Rocket Bunny style IS350 is always my favorite to see at the shows. She has her own style that she incorporates into her build. Instead of doing the “stanced” thing she went for “speed” which is awesome to see both varieties at the shows and meets.

When I think of Toyota Camry I think of my mom’s car, and when i see this Camry? i wish i would of owned one! Respect to the OG team that i look up too. TEAM IKON!!!

Come on… what else can you ask for at a carshow? They had everything!

Remember the line up that i said that was sick earlier? This is it!! Team Prospekts murdered it with all their builds! These are some of the builds that came out.

This team is definitely putting Houston on the map in the car world!

No one does it better than “The Prince of Rice” lol Chan Le’s vision is a sight to see.

Im not a huge fan on Honda civics…. But this build sure does changes my mind.

Patrick from Team Nemesis owns this Track/showroom ready FRS.

No showroom is complete with out a gorgeous GTR.

Never have seen this accord before. But this ride is sitting right on a set of Enkei RPF1s

Three words comes to my mind when i was standing in front of this bike. SLAMMED, STRETCHED, WHOAAA

This BMW stuck out of the crowd. The color on it is amazing. From purple to blue back to purple.

Gram Lights were always one of my favorite set of wheels. I can’t wait to own a set on day.

Do you know what love feels like? i felt it when i saw Tianna Gregory =]

Holy moly!!!!! I have never been to a HIN that the model contest was so huge!!! A ton of Beautiful models lined up to give you free merchandise and represent for their companies!

Yes Dannie Riel came on stage and showed us all to remember to get your potassium lol

Me and my bros only brought out 3 cars to HIN this show. But we came with a bang!!! Widebody Aimgain IS250, Widebody Aimgain BRZ, Widebody Turbo TL. We took home 6 awards including Best of Show and Runner Up Best of Show! Square1 Baby!!!

All into the details! Carbon Fiber everywhere in this beautiful 350z

The one and only Wayne of HIN showing off his gorgeous 240

My biggest Competition was this man. Adam Arms, Through out the whole year we pushed each other into doing some crazy stuff to our cars. We both drive IS250 so we are in the same class. We go blow to blow at each car show and there will be more to come.

Here are some rides that was also in the show that i didn’t catch a chance to talk too.

Mike From CVT Design brought his dope vans and stunned the show. Right when we got done setting up and i caught him walking out, i asked him “where you going?” he told me “gotta go back to the shop and work man… Its still a work day.” I was amazed. This is what makes a business succeeds. No fun time until he his done with his work. Mad props to this man.

Many of these kids rides are getting pretty detailed.

Im not sure what their team name is called but these Genesis line up went pretty hard. Genesis Gang!

I was beyond intoxicated at this point. Somehow i still manage to make it up on stage and collected my awards lol.

Overall This is the most fun i went too. Thank you for everyone birthday wishes and until next time!!!

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Form & Function | Aggressive S2000 Sun, 09 Nov 2014 04:18:17 +0000 IMG_6784

Its hard to stand out in the car scene, it seems like everyone just follows the same fads and it gets pretty old. But thankfully, there are people like Nicholas who build their car to please themselves not everyone else.



Nicholas said “I have always loved cars ever since i was a kid. I was a big f1 fan, i have owned and enjoyed a few nice cars like a BMW e46 and an sl500, but I have never really been “into” cars until i purchased my s2000. That’s when I became more hands-on with modifying my car and understanding the ins and outs of cars better, and enjoyed it as a car-enthusiast.”



“I found out about this car when i was in college, it was my roommate’s dream car. 6-7 years ago one of my friend’s friend had one, and I thought it was cool. But I felt it was too small for me as i’m 6’1, then my best buddy bought one and we went on a trip to the tail of the dragon. the moment I started driving it, I knew i had to own one for sure.”



His future plans for his S2k include a J’s racing type 2 wing, either kwv3 or eibach coilovers with umbrella vrh lift kits, BBK, and a wasp composite track splitter. Also possibly a spoon hardtop, only a possibility because he loves to drive with the top down so much.


Everything about the car just works so well together, it just looks complete. My favorite thing about the car is that its 100% functional (and starting this coming season he will be taking it out to track days whenever possible) yet could still take trophies at shows without any problem.



He had quite the journey trying to find an S2000, he said “I failed on three previous attempts on getting an s2k, I missed all of them by a day. The worst one was when I was taking an overnight bus to memphis with cash in my pocket to buy the car. It was very nerve wrecking to begin with, and I ended up being heart broken because the car was sold the morning i got there. I can’t blame seller though, as i refused to pay the deposit before checking out the car. Another time, I was flying out to Dallas for one,  again I didn’t pay deposit and the car was sold the day before i flew there and the flight ticket went to waste. Finally, I found my car. it was posted on craigslist literally 5 minutes before i contacted the seller, and I ended up buying it within the hour it was posted.”




List of Aftermartket parts

Engine/Engine Bay:

– Stock F20C engine/transmission

– Vortech V2 Supercharger with upgraded 3.2″ pulley

– Hondata K-Pro, tuned to 428hp with E85 & 414hp with 93 Octane

– Competition Clutch stage 4 clutch

– Competition Clutch ultralight 8lbs flywheel

– Upgraded 06+ AP2 valve cover (powdercoated yellow) & crank sensor

– Upgraded AP2 retainers

– Mugen oil cap

– APR CF spark plug cover

– Fullblown Aluminum Radiator with slim fans

– Fullblown 340lph fuel pump

– ID1000 fuel injectors

– Mishimoto blue radiator hose

– Mastergrade CF puzzle kit

– NRG CF hood damper

– PasswordJDM blue aluminum radiator stay

– PasswordJDM blue aluminum valve cover washers

– PasswordJDM blue aluminum fender washers

– PLM header

– Invidia 70mm test pipe

– Buddy Club ProSpec dual exhaust (burnt titanium tip)


– J’s Racing Type-S fenders (+35mm)

– J’s Racing Type-S rear overfenders (+40mm)

– C-West V1 bumper with molded fender extension

– C-West dry CF bumper canards

– Seibon Mugen style CF hood

– Shine Spoon style CF rear diffuser

– Downforce CF side diffuser

– APR GT3 CF side mirros

– AP2 headlights & taillights

– CF short antenna

– LED day running light

– LED parking light

– Tinted turn indicator light

– CF wing

– Paint-matched keyhole covers

– Rick’s custom trunk emblem


– Recaro Pole Position drivers seat

– Buddy Club seat rail

– Custom leather and suede inserts

– CF door insert

– Moddiction burnt titanium countersunk shift knob

– Prosport digital wideband AFR gauge

– Prosport digital boost gauges

– SOS 2 gauge pillar

– NRG short hub

– NRG quick release 3.0

– NRG quick lock

– Momo Trek Steering wheel

– Custom CR yellow stitching on seats, door panel and center console

– JPM alcantara shift boot with custom stitching & embroidery

– JPM leather/alcantara elbow pad with custom stitching & embroidery

– Razo GT Spec yellow pedal set

– Harman Kardon Drive + Play iPod control system

– CR radio door

– CR center console

– Spoon rear mirror

– LED interior lighting

– CF dash kit

– Additional under-dash 12V & USB outlet (constant power)

– Under-door “S2000″ logo projector

– 30% tints


– D2 Coilovers

– Eibach Sway Bar

Wheels and Tires

– Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition F: 18×10+20 R: 18×10.5+22

– Bridgestone Pole Position S-04 F: 255x35R18 R: 285x30R18

– Volk Racing blue valve stems

– Blox forged lug nuts


– EBC drilled & slotted rotors

– Stainless steel brake lines

– Painted yellow calipers

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