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G-Shock | Solid Colors Pack

It’s hard to stay fresh in a market with the same designs, but some how G-Shock finds a way. With minor tweaks to their classics, they manage to change the style of their watches. These new ones have a monocolor colorway. I wouldn’t be surprised if they did this because of the rise in popularity of Nixon’s monocolor watches.

G-Shock DW-6900 Metallic Dial Series

The classic DW-6900 has another little change to keep it fresh in 2012, these feature a new metallic face. They are available at retailers now. If you’re looking for a more exclusive watch, I’m selling my “Hope for Japan G-Shock” HERE.

The Hundreds x G-Shock | GW-5610 Watch

Although so many people have G-Shocks (I myself have 3), you got to admit, they are somewhat of a staple when it comes to anyone who wears street wear brand clothing. With that said, its no surprise that there are always collaborations between well known concrete culture brands and G-Shock. The last one that really got me excited was Illest x G-Shock collab…my excitement quickly turned to dismay when I saw that it was $245 for what was essentially a $90 DW6900 with different colors in a fancy box. Anyways, this collaboration also got me very excited because The Hundreds is, hands down, one of my favorite brands, but once again, my excitement turned to dismay when I actually saw the watch. The watch is the classic GW-5610 model, with a 2 tone strap, one being black the other white, the straps also feature The Hundreds script logo on it. The time keeping piece itself is all black.There is nothing wrong with the watch, but in my opinion, it is a little dull….bu I still want one, hopefully its not $245.No word on the release date yet.

The story of NOOKA

Nooka is one of my favorite watch brands, in addition to FLuD and G-Shock, I consider Nooka watches a must have for anyone who is conscience of the way they look. Nooka watches are different from any other watches out there. If you’re looking for a modern and futuristic looking watch, Nooka is for you. With design and styles not seen by any other timepiece company, Nooka watches are a sure-fire way to get noticed, check out their full collection HERE


Stussy x G-Shock G-001 Jason Watch

“100% mineral glass face/100% resin case/bezel & band featuring metal mesh inserts, the G-001 series, imported & produced by Casio. Featuring digital timekeeping, shock resistance, 20Bar water resistance, EL illumination & lithium battery w/world time, alarm, calender and stop watch functions. Stussy & G-Shock present the Stussy Jason G-Shock w/limited Stussy print, packaging & SS Link logo when illuminated.”

illest x G-Shock DW-6900

I’ve been waiting for this to happen! It’s about time illest has done a collaboration with G-Shock! The best part of this collaboration is that it actually looks amazing as well with out being to gaudy. It sports the the classic

G-Shock x fragment design

Available in December, this watch is a collaboration between legendary time keeper manufacturer, G-Shock and fragment design. Collaborations with fragment design are always very favorable, with colorways and designs that are simple yet eye catching.

*New* G-Shock | GR8900A & G8900A

Typical G-Shock functions with a new design.

Globe x G-Shock ‘United by Fate’ GRX-5600

Not much to say about this one…It’s a collab between Globe and G-Shock sporting a classic black and red color way.

FLüD Watches (Autumn/Winter Release)

Watches, they are an essential part to any outfit. Whether it’s formal attire for work, or you’re just chillin at the beach with the crew, you gotta know what time it is. Sure you could look at your cell phone to tell the time, but that’s pretty lame. The right watch is a crucial part in complimenting everything else you wear. So it’s important to pick the right one!