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Pic of the Day | Bagged G37!

Super seksi Infiniti out in Chicago!

Aired Out xB.

Let me start off by saying that Jim’s xB is easily the cleanest and most well built xB’s I’ve seen before. Although he does not believe it is near being complete, it already looks so complete as is. But I cannot wait to see what he has planned for the future! Jim bought this xB brand new with the styling for the car already thought out in his head, and he has worked hard to bring that dream to life!

Drop That Frame!

Drop That Frame was a pretty cool show. It was the first show held by Team Yee & DTF this past Saturday in Fairfield, CA. Even with the crappy weather, a lot of top notch cars were in attendance. Which was very surprising to see, because you would think most of the show worthy cars would be garaged up for the weekend with all the rain among us. Regardless it was still a good time with a pretty good turnout and the sun actually did come out for a while which was nice. They had the dyno running all day, and the day ended with over 40 trophies being awarded.

CarsxCancer Coverage!


It’s finally here! The coverage that has probably had the most anticipated wait on our site, simply because it is coverage of our own event! CarsxCancer was such a fun day and not just for the CxH crew, but for everyone that attended too :) . I just want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who came out and supported not only but also helping support our fundraiser to help Terry in his fight with cancer. The day was filled with amazing cars, great crews, energetic crowds, poppin’ music (thanks to Samurai Sounds), models, fun activities, and go karts!

ⒸⓇⒺⓌⓈ Car Community Carshow (C4)

So let me start off by giving huge props to the organizers of this event, the concept of this event was awesome. It was a show where all the different Car Crews from around Illinois get together and show their cars as a club. It was cool to see all the different crews and their varieties of cars and tuning styles. I brought my Crew called Chicago DC5 ( A Chicago area Acura RSX Club I started a year ago). Despite the fact that it was raining on and off the whole day the event was still fantastic and there was a great turn out regardless. People from all around Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan came to the show with their crews to show off their cars. The Crews entered were: 4 STAR SOCIETY, CHICAGO DC5, AFICIONADO, WAGON LIFESTYLE, SUPREMACY VIP, GRIP UNION, TEAM HAZARDOUS, MOST DOPE, TEAM CITY LIMIT, DECEPTIONS, H4R, TEAM IC, CHITOWN SUBARUS, THAT RAT PACK, CHICAGO KO CREW, TEAM PROJECT X, FIT CREW, SUPPER CLUB, TEAM ELEGANTSHOT, CHITOWN RUCKUS, BEYOND BOOST, TEAM DEAD ETHICS, XPLIZIT, CHICAGO Z, TEAM NOSTALGIC, KEVIN’S GARAGE, GEEKY LURV’S RAMBLERS, DOWNSHIFT KREW, and TEAM AMBITION. Enjoy my coverage of the event!

Hellaflush Xiii :: Part I


Hellaflush Xiii has come and gone, if you missed it check out the coverage here. Fatlace hasn’t had an event in Norcal in about a year, and this is only the second Hellaflush they’ve ever had in Norcal. Over that year Fatlace has been holding shows all over the world including Japan, Hawaii, and Socal. So with Fatlace’s track record for holding shows, everyone was so excited and anticipating it. Hellaflush delivered with over 200+ registered cars, plenty of drift cars going HAM, live bands, b-boy battles, rap videos? It was awesome!

Simply stated, the ground is too high.

It seems nowadays that Southern California cars have been taking the scene by storm. There are lots of shows and events for crews to come out to. When you combine this with exposure on forums, facebook, tumblr and many other media sites the scene becomes saturated with the same cars. The Northern California circuit is much different. This collection of rides comes straight from the SF Bay. I am proud to present to you some of the cars of my personal friends. We were graced by our Tucson correspondent Otis who was in Norcal for the weekend at Pebble beach. I called Mike, Dom, Carl, and Calvin to participate in some photoshoot shennanigans with Otis!

First up is Dom’s BMW E36, Dom is 100% Euro to the core. He is so Euro that he was born in Poland. Dom’s style is nothing short of immaculately clean. I have never seen his car dirty once in my life, and I see him pretty frequently. His car sits static on custom Broadway Static edition Fortune Auto coiliovers with some uber rare BBS Bugatti wheels.

SPOCOM: Anaheim 2012 coverage Part 1

photo by Jonathan Yu & RJ Deslate, Words by RJ Deslate, Video (bottom of the post) by Mikey Dang

Hello CxH fans, It is good to be back. After a few months of not blogging due to a very busy schedule at work and some new found hobbies, I’m finally back as efficient as I can. In that note; Jonathan Yu and I would like to present you our 2 part coverage of Spocom 2012 Anaheim held at the Anaheim Convention Center!

Spocom USA has been one of the leading car shows in Southern California is now in a world wide tour and one of their stop was at The Anaheim Convention Center in which I was very excited because of their mission to provide and promote the diverse youth cultures that we have. Did I Also mention this is my first time ever showing my car in a big show?! .. LoL

At the Entrance to the show, one will be greeted by this magnificent display of automotive art and high caliber show cars from team TWC.
SPOCOM 2012-23


Pic of the Day.

James GS
Headed out to meet James from Vip’d Out to test fit a table today with Terry, Raul, and Justin. Got to finally see the imfamous GS in person. It is SOO Seksi! Can’t believe it is getting sold, but I’m sure when he finishes the Genesis it is going to be insane!

Polar Opposite Evo’s| Function vs. Form.

Pick your jaw back up off the floor and wipe the drool off your face, because those 3 pictures are just the start. The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution has been around since 1992 starting with the Evo I, and is still being produced today, only now they are on the 10th Generation; Both of these Evo’s are 10th Generation (Evo X). The Evo was originally produced to compete in the World Rally Championship, but they have been tuned for many other uses as displayed here. The White Evo is Track Ready while the the Black Evo is aimed more for show with its slammed stance. Its incredible how different one car can look so outstanding tuned for so many different styles. I’m sure for now you are all itching to see more pictures of both of these masterpieces, so go ahead and scroll down!