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Nate Hamilton 2012 wrap

Nate Hamilton 2012 wrap from Corey Denomy on Vimeo.

Oh. My. Goodness. This is a wonderful surprise! I was expecting to see this car in person at an event this weekend, but this video came out first! If your remember Nate’s car from last year, it looked good then, but now, it is on a whole other level! I’m seriously just blown away by how much Nate has grown in the past year or so, I cannot wait to see him in action soon!

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Carsxhype’s Ocean Beach Meat


Northern California can be a very unexpected place and that can only mean one thing, unexpected weather. Initially we had planned on holding this meet right down on Ocean Beach but what we ended up with was far beyond our expectations! Ocean Beach Video Coverage

Stay tuned for pictures soon! We would like to thank everybody who came out to the event and made this thing a success! There were people who drove from near and far. Some folks drove out from Fairfield, Marin, San Jose, and Stockton I heard! Despite some initial doubts about the weather it ended up being sunny (with some SF wind thrown in there) for those of you who came we handed out the new Shark stickers!

On a more personal note I would like to applaud the Carsxhype crew for organizing and adapting to new obstacles all day long. Great Job Antany on the video, I hope you guys enjoy it just as much as I do.


Hot Import Nights Pomona Video Montage| PVRxCarsxhypexDayuumxPhotoMD

video by Mikey “Makadangdangdang” Dang of PVR motorsports for Carsxhype and Dayuum

HIN Pomona 2012 Official | [PVR MOTORSPORTS CARSXHYPE DAYUUM] from PVR Motorsports on Vimeo.

Checkout Mikey Dang’s video montage of the awesome Hot Import Nights at Pomona Fairplex.


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Night Import’s “Collaboration” meet part 1

Photo and words by RJ Deslate, Video by Mikey “Sponsoredbyfalken” Dang


For some, the car scene in Southern California is like the fast and furious movies. Due to some immature people; there are some truth to this although for the most of us, the SoCal Car scene is composed of meet and greets. In these meets is where we find our fellow car junkies with the same passion as us and thus our interest and hobby acts as a median for a new friendship to be born. As for myself, I met some of my closest friends in the car scene and when Will (Owner of Night Import) decided to throw a meet with a “collaboration” theme to bring the car scene crowd together. I was definitely for it.


I ended up carpooling with Peter (owner of PVR motorsports and the blue EVO X on blue rpf1s) and Alvin to the meet while Jason (the fastest amateur fit driver I know) and Mikey were following us and as we arrive at the venue of the meet, it was quite magical . . .

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Never-Before-Seen footage of a Turbo Burst and Containment from 1985

This is crazy!
From the youtube video description:
“Garrett by Honeywell tests all of their turbos to ensure that no materials penetrate a “containment shroud” surrounding the turbocharger. A test to ensure safety. All Garrett Turbos go through this test, even in 1985.
This recently found footage has never been shown to the public and demonstrates how much damage a turbo potentially could do if it is not engineered to contain a wheel burst properly. All Garrett Turbos are engineered not only to perform to create power, efficiency, and reliability but also for safety if this were ever to happen. Garrett performs these tests to make sure that this doesn’t happen!”

Slamburglars Wekfail Weekend

Lorenze, Lorenz and Myself had the pleasure of hanging out with the Slamburglars over the weekend. This included going on an epic 40 car caravan from SF to Point Reyes. Most of these guys drove from far and wide (Santa Barbara and Las Vegas) to be in SF for the weekend. A lot of scraping occurred and lots of good times were had. Here is a video that sums up the weekend made by Ivan of the Slamburglars.

We hope to see you Slamburglars soon!

Slamburglars Facebook Page:!/pages/Slamburglars/109688965803407

Carsxhype Wekfest San Francisco 2012 Video

Wekfest 4 // San Francisco 2012 | PVR MOTORSPORTS CARSXHYPE DAYUUM from PVR Motorsports on Vimeo.

Mikey Dang does it again!

Akio Toyoda Hooning Around in the GT86

Despite all the bland cars and hybrid cars that Toyota makes, Akio Toyoda, the CEO and President of Toyota knows how to have fun. Please Mr. Toyoda, if you like to have fun cars like this…make more! A new Supra maybe ;)

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