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Tri-Cities Motor Rally 2

Last weekend the Newark Chamber of Commerce in association with District 10 & the Newark Mall held a great charity show! The show had many different types of cars, it wasn’t strictly a domestic show or an import show. It was a bring out your clean show car type of event no matter what you drive! This is only their 2nd year having the event, and its only growing bigger and bigger each year. Check out the coverage!

Official CarsxHype 3rd Annual Video

If you guys haven’t already seen this video, you need to check it out! Its our official video coverage from the Carsxhype 3rd Annual show we held last weekend in the lovely Livermore sun. Huge thanks & welcome to our newest Norcal videographers Nick & Robbie of RNfilms. Check out their youtube channel RNfilms831 for more awesome videos!

CarsxHype 3rd Annual Show!

It is finally here! The day has come and gone, but it is now time to relive the event for all that attended as well as for all those that couldn’t make it out that day.’s Third Annual Show! The day was filled with so much craziness, but also so much fun. The show was almost like a season opener for the car community up here in Norcal, and I’d say it was pretty successful. A lot of the boss cars came out to support the show, many of the cars being taken out of their garage for the first time this year. It was awesome seeing all the new setups for the year. Enough talk though, let us begin with the coverage!

DTF Society l Damn Thats Fresh!

Here at we love doing features of awesome cars. The thing that makes for an even better feature is when we get to shoot two amazing car for a double feature! We went out to do a single feature on this Dinan 5 series BMW, but when we got there and saw this simply clean Civic sitting on real Work VS-XXs I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to shoot it! So I present to you DTF Society, and I know what you might be thinking. “Down to F**k society?!” NO. Their crew actually stands for Damn Thats Fresh! Society, because when you see one of their cars rolling you cant help but say “Damn thats fresh!” Which is truly an understatement, the two cars have some of the cleanest paint I have ever seen!

Snow White | Duy’s E90

Duy Header

We all have those cars we get so used to seeing; 240sxs, Civics, 3 series BMWs. Well what happens when you grab one of those everyday BMWs and have a bit of modding fun? With that said, I’d like to present you with Duy’s BMW E90. She started her life in BMW’s beautiful dark, Monaco Blue and underwent her color transformation only a few weeks before this feature. But besides the color change, this gorgeous Bimmer has many other touches all throughout that make it just that much more special and unique compared to your every day 3-series.

Fatlace : Word Up!

This past weekend, Fatlace held one of their infamous Word Up event, at the new Stockon fairgrounds location. The Word Up events are a great way for new drifters to learn & all drifters to have fun. The Word Up venues has always been a safe haven with always having little to nothing to hit and just have a great time sliding with plenty of veterans to teach you something new. This was the third Word Up of the year and the last one until August. Check out our coverage and their schedule at

It’s Coming, Get Ready!

Coming Soon

Throwback Thursday l Fatlace Paddock Sale

In todays TBT I’m taking you back to June of 2011! When Fatlace just opened their warehouse location earlier that year. They decided to have their first Paddock sale on all their old season wear. This lead to the warehouse sales they have frequently now. If you’ve never been to one, definitely check em out because it’s a great way to get a lot of Fatlace merch at half the price! Fatlace’s first paddock sale also marked the start of my career as a photographer! :) Check out our coverage from the event. Fatlace Paddock Sale.


Thowback Thursday l First Love

We all remember our first love don’t we? In this episode of TBT we’re going to take a look at a feature we did back in Nov 2011. This is one clean EG and it was shot and featured by our amazing former SoCal crew. Credit: Mikey, RJ, & Alvin. Check it out and of course stay tuned for next weeks TBT!

Check out the feature here.
First Love: B12′s Clean EG6

Throwback Thursday l OG Shark Sticker

Welcome to Throwback Thursday! Our newest thread added to CarsxHype, lets start off with this pic. Any of our OG fans remember the original Shark stickers?! So classic. I think I still have a few of them left. Anyone want a giveaway for these. Comment below and we’ll set something up! :)

Photo courtesy of former CxH member John Kingston. I also had to post this because its an SC! #SClove<3


Here’s another closer snap of the sticker. This one sitting pretty in the Kyoei USA shop in Arizona! Sharks can fit into any environment. Photo courtesy of Otis Blank