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Carheads Against Cancer! Presented by

New Flyer
It is officially here! We are having our second annual meet this October at Umigos in Livermore. This meet is going to be a fundraiser to help raise money & awareness for our friend Terry who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. If you haven’t already read the story check it out here. Make sure to come out for a day of cars, gokarts, and to support a good cause! We’re also going to have all our merch available, so if you want to pick up some CxH swag come out! All the profits from our sales go to Terry. Spread the word!!! Do it for Joshey! :D

Sunday October 14th
Umigos Go Karting
6538 Patterson Pass Road
Livermore CA 94550

Click read more to check out the merch we’ll have.
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NEW Watermelon Stickers!

After much deliberation and many sticker designs, we have come out with the freshest, newest CXH design. Watermelon! It’s the perfect summertime treat, or any other time really. We got these bad boys out just in time for Blox and West Coast Nationals, so be sure to pick one up before they’re gone! Also, please don’t worry if you don’t live in the bay area, our Socal team, Arizona team, and East coast team will be getting some too! Have a slice, and enjoy!


714 Tires: A Shop You Can Trust


Perhaps one of the most important and overlooked parts of being a tuner is having access to a shop you can TRUST. Go to any local shop in your neighborhood with your slammed car and I guarantee you they will run for the hills. Most shops absolutely despise working on modified cars and some won’t even work on them at all. After leaving the shop, unserviced, shop owners will even talk trash on your car and the whole modified car scene all together. In a world where people like us are rejected by mainstream mechanics, it’s nice to come to a place where you and your car can feel at home.

KROPSxSoCal car meets/shows K1 Anaheim meet

Photo and Words by RJ Deslate


A couple of weekends ago our friends from KROPS and SoCal car meets/show organized and hosted a meet at K1 racing Anaheim, and to show our support and love for them, PVR Mike and I made it to the meet and do a coverage for them and here is the outcome . . .


Store Feature | RIF Los Angeles

Photo by Jonathan Yu. Words by Anthony Guerra


Shoes, sneakers, kicks, or whatever you call it, we all wear them and they are quintessential to any look. I don’t care if you’re swagged out in Supreme and Bape or classing it up in a 3-piece suit by Mr. Klein; we all need some good shoes. If you’re reading this right now, chances are you probably don’t roll up to car meets in a sport coat and tie, so you’ll probably need some kicks appropriate for a  more casual look. Cars x Hype is here to help, today we bring you a feature on premier LA shoe boutique, RIF Los Angeles.

RIF LA is located in the heart of Little Tokyo, and is without a doubt worth a visit if you are in SoCal. With a huge selection of rare and popular shoes, you are sure to find exactly what you need. However even if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, their extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff will assist you in your shoe purchasing experience.

Still not sure what RIF has to offer? Just keep reading the post and see what you’re missing out on. oh and try and keep the drool away from your keyboard ;) you’ll see what I mean in a sec.



New Merch!

Check out the latest products we just dropped! :D We have some new CxH “Allergic to Speedbumps”. We also just re-released some of the Original Shark CxH Stickers in a limited run. They have been revamped and improved! So definitely come check out our latest merch exclusively at our Ocean Beach Meet this Sunday.

RSVP @Ocean Beach Event Page

PS. We understand your concerns about the weather, and hopefully the weather holds off long enough for everyone to come out and have a good time. So far the weather has held off this week.

Us Versus Them Sale

Visit the Store HERE

US Versus Them Warehouse Sale

New Hellaflush Hater License Plate Frame

[slideshow]New Hellaflush Hater License Plate Frames! This is definitely something you need to get NOW if you want it. I can almost guarantee that this will sell out in less than a few months. Buy them at Fatlace (and only here, ebay sells fake fatlace shit) its only $10

The Hundreds 40% off 1/20/11