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Formula D Tech Day Meet N Greet 2013

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Spring is finally here! There’s no better way to kick it off then to have a Meet N Greet hosted
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Crew Rides I Nick Tran

What’s up! Allow me to introduce myself – my name is Nick Tran. I am stoked to be a part of CarsxHype as the newest Photographer. Born and raised in Southern California, Orange, Ca and currently attending University of San Francisco. By residing part Norcal and part Socal, I am excited to be able to represent CarsXHype along the west coast of California. I’m always looking for new and creative ways to nurture the dull minds. For Crew Rides, I’m delighted to drive my very own 2010 Lexus is250, named Lisa.

Breaking the Limits- Sergey’s Breath Taking SW20.


Chances are you have seen pictures of this MR2 many times, and with different wheels each time, each set making you drool. Well this week, Sergey’s outstanding MR2 rocks some crazy wide wheels- SSR Formula Meshies (10.5 Front and 12.5 Rear). Ever since I got into the Chicago car scene I have always drooled over Sergey’s SW20, and when I got the opportunity to shoot it for I was ecstatic. The first day it was above 20 degree’s outside we set up the shoot and got the ball rolling. Its not often that you see an MR2 on the streets, but when you see one as amazing as Sergey’s It’ll make your Jaw drop to the ground. I cant tell you how many people I saw taking a double take as he drove by them, even people who could care less about cars stare, because it is just that glorious.

Mobile Mondays- Stanced MR2.



Here’s today’s Mobile Monday’s picture! From our latest feature (Going up in a few hours) We bring you this shot of a gorgeous SW20 MR2 on SSR Formula Meshies! Enjoy!

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Snow White | Duy’s E90

Duy Header

We all have those cars we get so used to seeing; 240sxs, Civics, 3 series BMWs. Well what happens when you grab one of those everyday BMWs and have a bit of modding fun? With that said, I’d like to present you with Duy’s BMW E90. She started her life in BMW’s beautiful dark, Monaco Blue and underwent her color transformation only a few weeks before this feature. But besides the color change, this gorgeous Bimmer has many other touches all throughout that make it just that much more special and unique compared to your every day 3-series.

Acura of Fremont & Norcal Club RSX | Meet and Greet

With the weather beginning to warm up here in Norcal, Acura of Fremont in collaboration with the Northern California section of Club RSX decided to hold a meet and greet to welcome some new members into the group and just hold a nice little meet. However, that “little” meet decided to blow up and turn into one of the biggest meets of the year, so far.

Chicago Autoshow 2013 Part II.



Here it is, Chicago Autoshow 2013 Coverage Part 2! Sorry for the delay but I didn’t want to spoil it for those who had the chance to see it in person, so for those who haven’t had that opportunity, enjoy! There were plenty of exotic concepts, fresh new revamps and the usual custom tuned vehicles to drool over, like the Ford Focus ST pictured above and many more. So, I hope you all enjoy my coverage!

Crew Rides + Bio | CxH Coordinator Brandon

Hey guys,

My name is Brandon and I am one of the coordinators/moderators here at CarsXHype based out of the Bay Area/San Francisco. I’m often not seen at many photo-shoots or events. I am just one of those people who are behind the scenes that helps keep the site running smoothly to put it simply. Now I won’t go into detail about what i do for CarsXHype, because I’m sure you guys aren’t too interested in that, and get straight to my car.

Mini Feature | Ali’s DAMD Tc

In 2008, Scion came out with their release special 4.0, this release special came with an Alcantara trimmed interior and and a subtle DAMD body kit. In 2008, Ali and I were just a couple of kids in boarding school and it was car shopping time for him. After weeks of seeing what would fit in his budget (and what the parentals would approve of), the R.S 4.0 Tc came down to being the perfect car. With only 2,300 of those particular Galactic Gray Mica Tc’s made, it seemed like a great fit for a special first car.

Crew Rides | CxH Photographer Braulio Negreira

IMG_1901 (Edited)

Lately, you’ve been seeing posts by this new guy, Braulio Negreira. Well, who the hell is this dude? I’m Braulio Negreira, and I’m one of Carsxhype’s newst photographers from the Bay Area, California. I’m 17 years old and I’m currently a full time high school student and part time photographer.