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Mobile Monday’s | Taste the Rainbow.



Enjoy our Mobile Monday’s wallpaper for this week! A few Lotus Elise’s lined up at Supercar Saturday’s in Illinois.

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Perfection through Progression | Krystian’s E46.


We have all seen our fair share of E46′s with a set of wheels and an exhaust around, it gets boring when everyone does the same simple mods. But thankfully we have people like Krystian, he has looked past those simple mods and spent countless hours sourcing out parts that you really never see- Parts like a Seibon Shaved Csl Trunk, Recaro Red Profi SPG Seats, Vorsteiner GTR Hood and so on. Krystian has gone through about 10 E46′s trying to find the perfect one to work with, along the way he has had many unique set-up’s but none quite like this 2005 330i ZHP.

POTD | Todd’s Static TL

IMG_3524-25 (Edited 3)

We haven’t done a Pic of the Day in awhile so here’s one to get the ball rolling again. This pic is from my light painting session with a friend of mine, Todd and his amazing static TL. Maybe this will inspire some of you on what to do with your Saturday nights? Shout out to Andrew Chang and Randy Goco for tagging along too.

Mobile Mondays | EVO Engine Bay


For today’s Mobile Monday’s post, we have some EVO 8 Engine bay porn :D Enjoy!

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Countryside Autobarn Subaru x Touge Factory FRS/ BRZ Meet.


I must say, I do love the FRS/BRZ, and seeing so many different ways one car can be tuned was awesome! There were all sorts of different styles from drift inspired, to track inspired and some show only set-up’s but regardless, they all looked damn good. The FRS and BRZ Have been out since March of last year and has already become so popular, there are countless companies that make aftermarket goodies for the FRS/BRZ platform already.

Historic Japanese Car Gathering | Shokuji J-Tin

Feature Header HJCG

We’re always used to seeing brand new or slightly older model cars at the meets we go to; from brand new Lexus to 90′s Hondas. But what happens when we throw all that out the window and go back to simpler times, to the grandfathers and great-grandfathers of the cars we drive today? Today we honor the cars of the past, a meet brought to you by the crew at Historic Japanese Car Gatherings.

CarsxHype 3rd Annual Show!

It is finally here! The day has come and gone, but it is now time to relive the event for all that attended as well as for all those that couldn’t make it out that day.’s Third Annual Show! The day was filled with so much craziness, but also so much fun. The show was almost like a season opener for the car community up here in Norcal, and I’d say it was pretty successful. A lot of the boss cars came out to support the show, many of the cars being taken out of their garage for the first time this year. It was awesome seeing all the new setups for the year. Enough talk though, let us begin with the coverage!

The Imfamous l Marty’s Z3

I present to you The Imfamous! If you live up here in Norcal, you probably have seen this car in person or heard of Marty’s screaming loud z3. He’s had this car for about a year now and in that time it has gone through quite a lot of changes. Its been on 7 sets of wheels, 2 different suspension setups, and various different styles. It has all led up to beautiful car you see before you today. Wanna take a look back at what the car looked like just 8 months ago? Check out this previously shot mini feature we did of the car. Function vs Form

Mobile Monday’s | Flawless Datsun 510



Today’s Mobile Monday’s Post is this amazing Datsun 510. Its sitting pretty on a set of BBS RS’s, and has a little surprise under the hood- An F20C ;) In the next week or two I will be doing a full feature on this monster. So be prepared! :D

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Canibeat Monthly Meet | April 2013

Monthly Meet Header (April Small)

It’s that time of the month again; it’s time for another round of Canibeat’s monthly meet held at the Pacific Commons In N Out in Fremont, California. Greeted by the last hour of sunlight, the first few groups rolled in and parked, but the meet transitioned drastically as the night crawled in.