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Countryside Autobarn Subaru x Touge Factory FRS/ BRZ Meet.


I must say, I do love the FRS/BRZ, and seeing so many different ways one car can be tuned was awesome! There were all sorts of different styles from drift inspired, to track inspired and some show only set-up’s but regardless, they all looked damn good. The FRS and BRZ Have been out since March of last year and has already become so popular, there are countless companies that make aftermarket goodies for the FRS/BRZ platform already.

CarsxHype 3rd Annual Show Registration Instructions

Flyer 2013 1
Its finally here! It is almost time to register for the CarsxHype 3rd Annual Show. We just wanted to post up some instructions on how to register for the show so you dont get lost :)


Step 1: Head over to the and choose the show registration item in the store.

Step 2: Sign into paypal. If you dont have one. Make one! It is the only way you will be able to register for the show. And its free!

Step 3: On the review your info page, make sure before you purchase the item, enter in your registration info in the “Add note to seller” box! This should include your car make, year, model, color, license plate number, crew you are registering with (if applicable) and what category you are entering.

Step 4: Confirm your payment, and that’s it! You will receive an email with roll-in directions before the show. Hope to see you all there! :)

Fatlace : Word Up!

This past weekend, Fatlace held one of their infamous Word Up event, at the new Stockon fairgrounds location. The Word Up events are a great way for new drifters to learn & all drifters to have fun. The Word Up venues has always been a safe haven with always having little to nothing to hit and just have a great time sliding with plenty of veterans to teach you something new. This was the third Word Up of the year and the last one until August. Check out our coverage and their schedule at

It’s Coming, Get Ready!

Coming Soon

The Hundreds | Spring 2013 Lookbook

A new year means new seasons, new seasons mean new fashion, and The Hundreds are going right with the flow, releasing their Spring 2013 Lookbook. Mirrors seem to be a running theme through the whole book and it actually looks like they’re trying to go back to some older styled designs while still heading forward in the fashion game. These will definitely be must-haves for Spring and even into the warm, summer months. The collection will also be available via the The Hundreds Online Shop on Monday, February 4th, 2013.

Click read more to view more of the lookbook.

Crew Rides | CxH Photographer Braulio Negreira

IMG_1901 (Edited)

Lately, you’ve been seeing posts by this new guy, Braulio Negreira. Well, who the hell is this dude? I’m Braulio Negreira, and I’m one of Carsxhype’s newst photographers from the Bay Area, California. I’m 17 years old and I’m currently a full time high school student and part time photographer.

Pic of the Day.

Pic of the Day (Daily Ants)
This had to be one of the coolest automotive photo’s I’ve ever taken. We got pulled over of suspicion of robbing a game stop… Officer said “it was an Asian guy and an Indian guy” Wow Harold and Kumar moment for me and Satbir… Long story short it wasn’t us and he let me snap this! hahaha – Antany Khamphay

Carheads Against Cancer!

Here at Carsxhype we are a family, and when one of our family members are in need we try and do anything to help! Recently one of my friends and fellow carheads was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive soft tissue cancer, synovial sarcoma. Terry Richards an active carhead, father, fiance, and supporter of CxH. He is now in need of our help. He currently rents a house with his fiance where they live and take care of their 2 yr old son, Joshua. He’s only 21, and we’re trying to raise money because he’s not going to be allowed to work through treatment, so he won’t be able to afford the $25,000 in bills for treatment plus support a family. You can read the full story here @DoItForJoshey.

Pic of the day.

Terry Roller1
Random roller, I did with Terry. Doing hoodless hoodrat stuff ;)

Herschel Supply | Spring 2012 lookbook

Herschel Supply Spring 2012 lookbook video from Herschel Supply Co. on Vimeo.

Herschel bags, I’m sure you see them a lot, they have a gained a reputation for being high quality timeless bags. This video shows pieces from their Spring 2012 collection. Click “Read More” to read a little more about the history of Herschel Supply.