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Carheads Against Cancer! Presented by

New Flyer
It is officially here! We are having our second annual meet this October at Umigos in Livermore. This meet is going to be a fundraiser to help raise money & awareness for our friend Terry who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. If you haven’t already read the story check it out here. Make sure to come out for a day of cars, gokarts, and to support a good cause! We’re also going to have all our merch available, so if you want to pick up some CxH swag come out! All the profits from our sales go to Terry. Spread the word!!! Do it for Joshey! :D

Sunday October 14th
Umigos Go Karting
6538 Patterson Pass Road
Livermore CA 94550

Click read more to check out the merch we’ll have.
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Krispy Kreme Meet Burbank 2012

Photos by Jonathan Yu & Words by Ali Smailey
The next time someone says to you, “lets head to the Krispy Kream meet,” grab that camera and that ride of yours and head on over to Burbank, CA. As a first time attendee, I couldn’t believe the number of enthusiasts that filled those Best Buy parking spots and beyond into adjacent businesses. It is estimated that a good 1,000 cars showed up for this meet hosted by Elite Autosports. Sounds ridiculous for a Tuesday evening meet right? I thought so too until I finally got to experience this once and for all. The night was crisp, not too cold to say it was a winter night and not too warm either, a light sweater would do to be honest. The meet was held well at a good steady rate of about two hours until the crop of owners who began revving their engines and doing burnouts ruined it for the rest of us. If you witnessed any of that and can point out specific vehicles it would be nice to kindly remind them that they can take their shenanigans elsewhere. Nonetheless by the end of the night my stomach was satisfied with the warm, glazed krispy kream donut that screamed…thanks! Be sure to be on the lookout for the next meeting as it has been announced that it will be held at random to throw off our local police departments from shutting us down. Enjoy!

Still Too Fast To Race | Group B Rally Documentary

Group B Rally, I’m sure that most of you have heard of it before. You’ve probably heard something about it being banned because it was too dangerous or that rallying nowadays is nothing like the golden years in the 80′s with Group B, I know I had. However, I hadn’t known the full story and I wanted to learn more. Thankfully, I came across this documentry, Still Too Fast To Race made a number of years go. If you feel like learning about some more about the legendary Group Rally Class I highly encourage you watch the videos below!

4 Wheel Drive Function and Form

There is only a handful of cars that can be recognized as revolutionary and amongst all of them, the Subaru GC8 is one.

R.I.P. Georg Plasa

This is truly a sad day. 51 year old BMW 135 Hill Climb driver Georg Plasa, tragically died today during a run the Coppa Carotti in Rieti, Italy .

Lucky Duck

A crash from the Pikes Peak race this year, Bobby Resigter is one lucky fellow

Rhys Millen Gears up for the 2011 Pikes Peak Hill Climb

RMR PM580 Walk Around with Rhys Millen

The definition of hellafunctional. This is all about business.

SicPic of the Day

Peugeot EX1 and Radical SR0 to be in Gumball 3000

The title says it all! Another effort towards green thanks to EcoForecourt, except this isn’t your typical electric vehicle.
The founder of EcoForecourt, James Walker, said: “This years event will highlight some exciting cars that motorists might not associate with being green. Teaming up with Gumball allows us to develop the much needed street-cred of eco cars into something exciting and aspirational.”
This means that we won’t be seeing any Leafs or Prii at this rally!