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Rain Set x CarsxHype

Cars x Hype is proud to present to you today an exclusive interview two of the founders of Rain Set. What is Rain Set? Well just continue reading to find out

Camera Gear


I wanted to share my equipment with everyone. Figured some may be curious of what I use. I know I was when I was starting out.

Cars x Hype Exclusive Interview with Xander Walker

Today we have have a very special feature to bring you, it is our exclusive interview with artist Xander Walker. Walker works with the medium of stencils and spray paint. Sound familiar? It’s as if Banksy painted legendary cars. But Xander Walker is no Banksy biter, he has a true passion for motorsports and has his own story to tell. Please continue reading to learn more about Xander and his exceptional work.

Fan: Miles Johnson

A day has 24 hours and is no different then the next or the one before. Subtract a normal sleeping habit of 8 recommended hours and you are left with 16 hours to do as you please. Fresh out of high school Miles Johnson spends his day making stencils and paintings for his friends and things he loves. What really started out as a personal experiment with paint ended up as an obsession to improve that would consume more then 16 hours. His paintings are mostly for friends and family who request them, making money isn’t part of the game. For Miles its all about the joy of actually creating a painting that people can be pleased with.

So before I show you what he created for Cars x Hype here are a few of his paintings:

Cars X Hype Exclusive Interview: Fielding Shredder

Today we are pleased to bring you an exclusive interview with Pro-Am drifter, Fielding Shredder. I first saw Fielding last year Shredding it up (see what I did there) in XDC at Texas Motor Speedway. Being a great drifter and Texas native, the crowd went wild for him and his yellow S14! I knew I had to find out more about this man and his drift machine. Luckily I had the privilege to meet up with Mr. Shredder at a Fast Five premier event, but there was something a little different about his 240sx since the last time I saw it…..

Feature: OneLove Crew

This is OneLove Crew. So far made up of these 4 cars with more to come! Located in SoCal near Carson, Gardena and Redondo Beach. They have a meet every month and the next one is this weekend! July 17th. The flyer is located at the bottom of this post. Be sure to check it out and if you cant don’t worry ill be there with my camera!

Ruijin’s 06′ STI: A Clean WIP


We all have to start somewhere.  And although Ruijin’s journey has come a long way, it is far from over.

We have all been there; High school, watch a few car movies, start to notice others’ cars, begin developing our own tastes (usually on par with our friends’.)  Eventually, we decide we have to have the best.  We have to drive the best.  But the best is too expensive when you are a high schooler with no job. So we start out small and work our way up.  Ruijin Garcia started out “small” with a Toyota ae86 and an M3.  For five years, he spent time building them up.  But his dream car was always the Subaru Impreza STI. And with a price tag of about $36,000 at the time, he had to wait it out till he could afford one. Click Continue Reading for more read & pics

Cars X Hype Exclusive Interview with DJ Miki Taka

Today I am extremely pleased to bring you my little Q&A with DJ Miki Taka! For those of you who are not familiar with Miki Taka, she is a stunningly gorgeous half Japanese half American model/DJ, as well as 2009 Miss Formula D. You can find her now on tour with Formula D as the official DJ for Team Need for Speed. A quick Google search or browse through her website can tell you more about her. However, here is some more info about her musical side. Enjoy!

You are an amazing DJ, when did you start DJ-ing?
Well, first off, thank you. It means a lot to hear that. My beginnings involved a home computer and basic mixing software that I used to “bedroom DJ,” about 8 years ago. In 2009 I invested in my first set of DJ gear and two short weeks after, I had my first real gig. I’m very fortunate to have been blessed with the opportunity to do what I love… share good music. I personally feel I have much yet to learn and I carry a tremendous amount of respect for DJs who have been in the game since long before I started.

What inspired you to start?

Spotlight Feature: Jordan Lipman

Greatness; it is something we all strive for and I believe that it is achieved through working hard and giving it your best, despite the odds. Whether it is studying your butt off for tomorrow’s test or trying to shave the last millisecond off your lap time, as long as you give it 100%, you are great. One such person that I believe achieved greatness is Mr. Jordan Lipman.

Jordan lives in sunny Huntington Beach, CA and is happily married to a beautiful wife, who actually used to drag race muscle cars back in the day. In addition, as if that wasn’t awesome enough, Lipman also works as a technician for Porsche and was on crew for 2008 Formula D season with JIC Porsche GT2. At this point many of you are probably quoting Charlie Sheen, because this guy is most definitely “Bi-Winning”. However, the story just gets better.

In 2010, Ken Block hosted the first ever Gymkhanna Grid invitational event. If you have ever watched any of his Gymkhanna videos on youtube, you can guess that this event was pretty sweet. The Gymkhanna Grid consisted of drivers from different racing backgrounds, with faces like Vaughn Gittin Jr.( drifting ) and Andrew Comrie-Picard (rallying). (Watch the video for info on the event.) However, there was also qualifying for those who didn’t exactly have fully prepped race cars.

I had convinced my wife to come out to this event at the Hollywood Park horse racing track parking lot to check out this event with Ken Block. I had never seen anything like it except on youtube and wanted to see what all the fuss was about. It was organized by Speedventures, who I have run a few track days with. We were just going to watch but at the last minute I signed up to run. It turned out to be way overbooked and I only had 3 runs of the course and spent most of the day sitting in a long line of cars. There were professional drifters, racers, and everyday people like me there. It was a lot of fun and didn’t really expect much. After going my first time slowly though the course, the second time I got lost and just wound up doing donuts in the middle of the course. The third time I nailed it and had a perfect run. After that run and figuring I wouldn’t get another without waiting in line for another hour we decided to leave. A few days later I was checking the Gymkhana Grid facebook page for info and I saw my name and “congratulations to our top 3 drivers”!! I had actually finished in 2nd place out of all those cars with only Alex Pfeiffer faster than me. I was so surprised!

His car you ask? The JIC Porsche? Nope. It’s his daily driven 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI with 149,600 miles, Enkei RPF-1’s, ARP extended wheel studs, a black vinyl roof, K&N air filter, and home made under chassis sub frame brace. Here is where are story begins ladies and gentlemen, this is where Jordan achieves greatness, he has the guts to compete against professional drivers with fully race prepped cars, in front of a crowd of people and thousands of online viewers everywhere.

That event got me into the Irwindale Gymkhana event. I have never been so nervous in my life. I had worked on the pit crew for the Formula Drift Hankook JIC Porsche in 2008 and that was the last time I had been to Irwindale. I was good to be back and even better to be there as a driver. Everyone was really nice to me and treated me like part of the racing family even though I really didn’t belong. I knew I had zero chance competing against fully prepared race cars with professional drivers but was so stoked to be there it didn’t matter. I came up with a goal. If I could drive to the track and back in my own car I was ok with whatever place I ended up in after the event. The first day was quite a learning experience since I had never actually drifted my car before and now it was a requirement of the event.
The first time leaving the starting line and heading towards the back wall at 70 mph, shifting from 3rd to second, pulling the brake and pitching it sideways was so intense. My heart was pumping! It all worked out, my car didn’t roll, and the all wheel drive system disengages when the handbrake is pulled so the car can rotate and when the brake is released all 4 wheels light up and presto! 4 wheel drive drifting. It was actually quite controllable but I had to go really fast otherwise I would either stall or not slide and it would hook up and under-steer. I spent the first day hitting barrels, stalling, spinning out, and just trying to get my timing, tire pressures, and fuel level for ballast correct. I only had two sets of tires, one set were all seasons that slid around at slow speed to practice on, and summer tires for the main event that would hold some more speed once warmed up. I learned that I had better duct tape my ebrake handle button down because it latched a few times and really messed up my drift. By the end of the day I felt pretty confident that I wasn’t going to die, but still didn’t have a chance in hell of being competitive.”

“My competition was pretty stiff, but there were only a handfull of us in the AWD class and one car blew its clutch before the final so that narrowed the field down. The odds were actually not too bad for me to make it to the final. My opponent for the first elimination round didn’t have an e-brake at all so he could not rotate the car as well as I could. Even though I was down on power by almost 300hp and suspension tuning, roll cage, etc. I managed to have a clean enough run to beat him! That means I made it to the final 8. At the opening ceremony I stood with the other racers in my jeans and tshirt and waved to the crowd and could hear them all cheering. What a night! This is where the elimination rounds put fastest against slowest and I raced Tanner Foust. Obviously I didn’t have a chance but it was great just being out there. I finished the race and enjoyed the rest of the night amongst the other racers. Tanner went on to win so I didn’t feel too bad. He even beat Ken Block at his own event. I really did drive to work on Monday in the same car I raced in. All I did was peel off the stickers. I have made some great friends because of this event and had the time of my life. I hope they have another event because I would love the chance to get out there and do it again.

Here’s a video of his run against Tanner Foust. For more videos, just youtube search “Jordan Lipman”

Greatness; it is something that Jordan achieved at that event. Competing in a near stock car with over 100,000 miles on it, in an event full of professional race cars and drivers, is no small feat. Against all odds, he gave it his best and made it to the final 8. I watched this event live online and needless to say I was very impressed. I became an instant fan of Jordan Lipman, so much so that I made a Facebook fanpage for him (no lie) and was inspired to bring this feature to you today. I hope all of you find this feature as inspiring as I did. Also, you can become a fan of Jordan Lipman of Facebook HERE.

The awesome photo’s taken below are by Cars X Hype’s RJ Deslate

Cars X Hype Exclusive Interview with 5 & A Dime

The “mash-up” genre is a very interesting one, it takes existing beats/lyrics of one song and switches it with the beats/lyrics of another song. If you have never had the pleasure of hearing a mash-up before, you are in for a real treat today. 5 & A Dime is one of the best mash-up artists out there. When I listen to his tracks, they have me smiling from ear to ear, because not only are the vocal and beat combinations a serendipity but they sound just absolutely amazing. Cars X Hype was fortunate enough to be able to have a little Q & A with Gregory Kantor from 5 & A Dime. Listen to some of his tracks and read the interview to learn more! (The tracks with in this post are just some of my favorites be sure to listen to them!)

How old are you?
I am 20.

What genre of music did you start out listening too?
I’ve been listening to music my whole life. So I would have to say 90′s bands and early trance.

How did you get into doing mash-ups?
I first heard DJ Earworm’s mixes and it inspired me to make my own. Once I heard of people like Girl Talk, E-603, and Super Mash Bros, I decided to make my own on a more professional level and it started to become a hobby.

How long have you been doing mash-ups?
Well, I’ve been doing “5 & A Dime” for about 11 months now. I started messing around on the computer around 2 and a half years ago.

Why the name “5 & A Dime”?
Haha, when I was in middle school I was caught shop lifting from a Hoys 5 & 10 in New Jersey. I got arrested, and it was the same year I started DJing on turntables. I decided to use it as my mashup name eventually.

Are there any other people that officially help you with your music, or is it a one man show?
5 & A Dime has many people involved. First and foremost are two individuals, my best friends Viraj and Derrick who critique my music all of the time. Without them, the music wouldn’t be as crisp as it is. I also get critique from random fans, I’ll just go on Facebook, friend them, and send it to them and see what they think. I like criticism. You can only get better through feedback.

Where do you see yourself in a couple years from now?
Hopefully doing a bunch of tours and also being a producer. Lets hope that happens!

What has been your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement has probably been getting the shows I’ve been getting recently. I have shows now in Texas, Kansas, Arizona, Indiana, etc. I hope it continues! I love touring.

What had been your toughest moment?
Probably when I was making a transition between my ex-manager and my current manager. My ex-manager was a jerk and I had to get rid of him. There was a gap in time before I got my new manager, where I was doing nothing show wise. That scared me a lot but I’m back on track!

If you could do a collaboration with any artist, who would it be?
Mashup wise, I’d love to do a collab with Girl Talk. Production wise, Rusko, Skrillex, Afrojack, and Bassnectar. But that would only be in a fairy tale haha.

What do you like to do for fun?
Besides mashups, I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends, partying, hanging out with my girlfriend, cooking, and playing video games. Just being a normal kid whenever I can.

How much of an impact has your fan base been for you?
Without the fan base I would be no one. I owe everything I have ever accomplished to my fans supporting me and spreading the word of my music.

When can everyone expect a new track from 5 & A Dime?
You can expect a new single off of my sophomore album, Ear Candy, dropping the last week of March. And the album drops April 19th.

If people wanted to find out more about 5 & a Dime, what should they do?
Go to my website to get all the links to all of my other sites.

Who would you like to thank?
I’d like to thank my friends for support, my family, my new manager, and all of my fans for believing in me!

Cars  X  Hype would like to thank Gregory kantor for the interview.