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Surviving the Beast: Terry’s Story

Most days were pretty typical for Terry. Wake up, take his son, Joshua, to his mom’s house, go to school, plan his next part for his car, work, then go home and sleep. His diagnoses of Stage 2 Synovial Sarcoma on July 28th, 2012 changed all of that. He was no longer thinking about his grades, his next step for his civic, or work. “My first thought when I found out was for my mom. I knew I was going to be okay, but my mom was having a hard time with the diagnosis.” Terry reminisces.

WekfestLA 2013 Video Coverage

If you missed anything this past weekend from Wekfest LA, here’s some video coverage to recap the event! Filmed & edited by our very own Brandon Nguyen The event was full of good times, amazing cars, and the lovely scenery of the Queen Mary Port.

The Higher Echelon l Sticker Maker

Huge shoutout to The Higher Echelon! They currently have a brand new sticker maker and can handle any of your sticker needs. Recently they made an exclusive CarsxHype window banner my car, that turned out amazing! If you came out to our 3rd annual show ( 3rd Annual Show coverage), you probably saw the huge mint sticker on my car :)

Carsxhype is looking for new Photographers!

Do you love taking photos? Do you go to car events on the regular? Then becoming a photographer for carsxhype might just be the perfect thing for you! Whether you’re looking to improve your photography skills or to become apart of something greater, send us a an email with your portfolio! Although being a photographer at is not a paid position, it does provide you great experience and is an awesome resume booster. We are looking specifically for photographers in the Orange County area, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and Hawaii. However if you’re in another area (even international ones) that has a large number of car events then feel free to shoot us an email too! Additionally, we are also looking for videographers from….anywhere.

In your email please include your name, age, location, why you want to be a photographer for, and a link to your flickr account or a similar photo sharing website.

We look forward to seeing all of your submissions and welcoming new team members!


734780_518894868150249_231692701_nHere at CarsxHype we like to show support for our friends and the awesome work they do. Recently Sway Gear featured one of their sponsored cars, and this really caught our eye. Personally I love seeing slammed domestics, and what makes this one even better is, it is a domestic drifter!

DIY Wheel Painting: The Instagram POV

First off I’d like to start with a disclaimer… and those affiliated with are not responsible for any wheels that turn out poorly from following these directions. This post is merely to show you what I did, there are a plethora of different ways to paint one’s wheels, this is just the poor college kid’s route I took. Check it out! 

GMK All Day! Double Feature!

If you haven’t heard of the GMK crew yet, here they are! Grease Monkey Krew did it big this year! They brought out some of the freshest cars to the shows and their hard work paid off, by taking home some trophies and landing a feature. Gmk is a crew based out of Santa Rosa and they daily their cars. I remember first seeing their cars last year at West Coast Nationals and thinking those are some dope cars. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them last year though. Then I didn’t see them again until this year at Blox, where I saw that they changed up their whole style. I honestly didn’t recognize the cars. The time off gave em time to take already clean cars and make em different than what you normally see in Norcal. I introduce to you two members from GMK, Jose’s Fa5 and Jesus’ s14.

Carheads Against Cancer!

Here at Carsxhype we are a family, and when one of our family members are in need we try and do anything to help! Recently one of my friends and fellow carheads was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive soft tissue cancer, synovial sarcoma. Terry Richards an active carhead, father, fiance, and supporter of CxH. He is now in need of our help. He currently rents a house with his fiance where they live and take care of their 2 yr old son, Joshua. He’s only 21, and we’re trying to raise money because he’s not going to be allowed to work through treatment, so he won’t be able to afford the $25,000 in bills for treatment plus support a family. You can read the full story here @DoItForJoshey.

Daily Driven Genesis Drifter.

Let me start off by saying that this Genesis Coupe is not your typical Genesis by any means. First off, it has an insanely aggressive stance, it turns the heads of everyone that it passes by, its incredibly clean especially for a daily driver, and oh that’s right…the owner, Justin, drifts it as well. Justin has been taking it to every drift event he possibly can for the past year, all with the same car he takes to work every day. He has taken a sporty RWD car, made it look like a track monster, and made it drift like a champ. One of the first things you notice when you look at this Genesis is the wheels, not only are they fluorescent but they are Orange on one side and Green on the other; Now that looks pretty damn good when it drifts around corners and the colors alternate every time he throws the rear end around each corner.

I asked Justin a few questions about his Genesis and Car Background, here they are:

714 Tires: A Shop You Can Trust


Perhaps one of the most important and overlooked parts of being a tuner is having access to a shop you can TRUST. Go to any local shop in your neighborhood with your slammed car and I guarantee you they will run for the hills. Most shops absolutely despise working on modified cars and some won’t even work on them at all. After leaving the shop, unserviced, shop owners will even talk trash on your car and the whole modified car scene all together. In a world where people like us are rejected by mainstream mechanics, it’s nice to come to a place where you and your car can feel at home.