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Dion’s Bagged Audi

For our SoCal viewers I’m sure you’ve seen this super seksi bagged A4 from #Bawss_Dion, but up here in Norcal its not often that we get to see super clean bagged cars, we’re about that static lifestyle. With that being said when Dion’s car showed up on our Instagram we had to contact him about a feature! At the time I was down in Socal visiting and I’m so glad I got the chance to shoot this feature! His car is clean and classy, and Dion’s one of the chillest carheads I’ve ever met. Check out his ride!

Store Restock!

CxH Store Head
If you haven’t seen it already we revamped our online store completely! Go ahead, check it out, and make sure to pick up some of our newest swag while you’re there. Last week we dropped our new Tee37 shirts, which was a collaboration thanks to Sway Gear. We also just restocked on our Live Low or Scrape Trying shirts so make sure to pick one of those up if you haven’t already! Get em while they’re in stock, because they’re going to sell out fast! Enjoi :) CarsxHype Store

Tee37 Buy it here!

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Words by Ger Lewis

Live Low or Scrape Trying

If you haven’t been following us on Instagram the past few days, you probably haven’t seen this shirt yet. We are proud to release our new Live Low or Scrape Trying shirts. Exclusively sold this weekend @the CarsxCancer meet this Sunday Oct14th.

If you haven’t already. RSVP

CxC Map
And here is the roll-in info as well. Hope to see you there! :D

Pic of the Day

Hellaflush Xiii coverage coming soon! ;) Stay tuned later today, for now check out Mark’s Skyline.

GMK All Day! Double Feature!

If you haven’t heard of the GMK crew yet, here they are! Grease Monkey Krew did it big this year! They brought out some of the freshest cars to the shows and their hard work paid off, by taking home some trophies and landing a feature. Gmk is a crew based out of Santa Rosa and they daily their cars. I remember first seeing their cars last year at West Coast Nationals and thinking those are some dope cars. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them last year though. Then I didn’t see them again until this year at Blox, where I saw that they changed up their whole style. I honestly didn’t recognize the cars. The time off gave em time to take already clean cars and make em different than what you normally see in Norcal. I introduce to you two members from GMK, Jose’s Fa5 and Jesus’ s14.

Carheads Against Cancer!

Here at Carsxhype we are a family, and when one of our family members are in need we try and do anything to help! Recently one of my friends and fellow carheads was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive soft tissue cancer, synovial sarcoma. Terry Richards an active carhead, father, fiance, and supporter of CxH. He is now in need of our help. He currently rents a house with his fiance where they live and take care of their 2 yr old son, Joshua. He’s only 21, and we’re trying to raise money because he’s not going to be allowed to work through treatment, so he won’t be able to afford the $25,000 in bills for treatment plus support a family. You can read the full story here @DoItForJoshey.

James’ Bossy XBox

First off I have to say this is one BOSS Xb. James’ has been working effortlessly on this car ever since he bought it back in 03. The car wasn’t initially meant to be the swaggin’ xb you see today though, it was bought just to be a daily driver. Then James went out to Vegas where he became close with the Bb Squad guys out there and saw what they were doing with their xBs. After attending a meet, the mod bug had gotten a hold of him. The car has gone through many different stages and it has gone through a long journey, but it finally made its way to the classy box you see today. Winner of the Best Scion @Blox 2012, check out James’ 04 Xb.

Blox OH 2012 Official Coverage Prt1

Blox! Blox! Blox! Another great year @the Blox Open House show in Fremont, CA. If you don’t know about Blox’s carshow, you missed out on the years best carshow! The gauntlet has been thrown down again, and the show only keeps improving year by year. They had more food trucks, more vendors, more models, and of course more amazing cars than ever before. I look forward to Blox every year, and I already can not wait for Blox 2013 :D . Check out our coverage!

NEW Watermelon Stickers!

After much deliberation and many sticker designs, we have come out with the freshest, newest CXH design. Watermelon! It’s the perfect summertime treat, or any other time really. We got these bad boys out just in time for Blox and West Coast Nationals, so be sure to pick one up before they’re gone! Also, please don’t worry if you don’t live in the bay area, our Socal team, Arizona team, and East coast team will be getting some too! Have a slice, and enjoy!


714 Tires: A Shop You Can Trust


Perhaps one of the most important and overlooked parts of being a tuner is having access to a shop you can TRUST. Go to any local shop in your neighborhood with your slammed car and I guarantee you they will run for the hills. Most shops absolutely despise working on modified cars and some won’t even work on them at all. After leaving the shop, unserviced, shop owners will even talk trash on your car and the whole modified car scene all together. In a world where people like us are rejected by mainstream mechanics, it’s nice to come to a place where you and your car can feel at home.