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Pic of the Day l Marty’s z3



Heading over to a meet today & we found a nice sized puddle to take a couple snaps in :) I’m sure you’ve seen Marty’s z3 at shows in Norcal and on here before. Don’t miss it, there is going to be more to come from this car in the coming months on

Dion’s Bagged Audi

For our SoCal viewers I’m sure you’ve seen this super seksi bagged A4 from #Bawss_Dion, but up here in Norcal its not often that we get to see super clean bagged cars, we’re about that static lifestyle. With that being said when Dion’s car showed up on our Instagram we had to contact him about a feature! At the time I was down in Socal visiting and I’m so glad I got the chance to shoot this feature! His car is clean and classy, and Dion’s one of the chillest carheads I’ve ever met. Check out his ride!

Drop That Frame!

Drop That Frame was a pretty cool show. It was the first show held by Team Yee & DTF this past Saturday in Fairfield, CA. Even with the crappy weather, a lot of top notch cars were in attendance. Which was very surprising to see, because you would think most of the show worthy cars would be garaged up for the weekend with all the rain among us. Regardless it was still a good time with a pretty good turnout and the sun actually did come out for a while which was nice. They had the dyno running all day, and the day ended with over 40 trophies being awarded.

Wheels N Meals 10 Part II

Wheels N Meals 10: Truck or Treat was a legit meet. It was my first time attending a Wheels N Meals, and the meet by far exceeded my expectations. It felt more like a show than a meet. There was just a plethora of high quality cars filling up the whole entire lot. This was a great year to end the season with, and cant wait until next year for the return of Wheels N Meals. Check out the coverage!

Wheels N Meals 10: Truck-O-Treat

As the fall car show season begins to wind down, quality meets begin to come few and far between. Wheels N Meals, however, has again broken that depressing rhythm with the tenth installment of their meet!

CarsxCancer Coverage!


It’s finally here! The coverage that has probably had the most anticipated wait on our site, simply because it is coverage of our own event! CarsxCancer was such a fun day and not just for the CxH crew, but for everyone that attended too :) . I just want to start off by saying thanks to everyone who came out and supported not only but also helping support our fundraiser to help Terry in his fight with cancer. The day was filled with amazing cars, great crews, energetic crowds, poppin’ music (thanks to Samurai Sounds), models, fun activities, and go karts!

ⒸⓇⒺⓌⓈ Car Community Carshow (C4)

So let me start off by giving huge props to the organizers of this event, the concept of this event was awesome. It was a show where all the different Car Crews from around Illinois get together and show their cars as a club. It was cool to see all the different crews and their varieties of cars and tuning styles. I brought my Crew called Chicago DC5 ( A Chicago area Acura RSX Club I started a year ago). Despite the fact that it was raining on and off the whole day the event was still fantastic and there was a great turn out regardless. People from all around Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan came to the show with their crews to show off their cars. The Crews entered were: 4 STAR SOCIETY, CHICAGO DC5, AFICIONADO, WAGON LIFESTYLE, SUPREMACY VIP, GRIP UNION, TEAM HAZARDOUS, MOST DOPE, TEAM CITY LIMIT, DECEPTIONS, H4R, TEAM IC, CHITOWN SUBARUS, THAT RAT PACK, CHICAGO KO CREW, TEAM PROJECT X, FIT CREW, SUPPER CLUB, TEAM ELEGANTSHOT, CHITOWN RUCKUS, BEYOND BOOST, TEAM DEAD ETHICS, XPLIZIT, CHICAGO Z, TEAM NOSTALGIC, KEVIN’S GARAGE, GEEKY LURV’S RAMBLERS, DOWNSHIFT KREW, and TEAM AMBITION. Enjoy my coverage of the event!

District 10 6th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Carshow

District 10 held their annual breast cancer awareness show last Saturday in Fremont. I have to say it was a legit show! Plenty of vendors, an amazing spot! (It was on top of a parking garage! And it was right next to the mall), and great cars. We rolled in early to get a good spot, we parked next to this awesome e30 ^^ at the gate. Being that we were at the show so early we got to see all the cars roll in.

AutoMass Round 2!

AutoMass Round 2 was a huge success! The weather was perfect, the cars were outstanding and the crowd was wild. There was a great range of cars sliding and even more of a variety in the show. I will let you all go ahead and check out my coverage from the event! Enjoy!

Hobbytown Show

Although the Hobbytown show was small from afar, up close it was a great show to be at. There were plenty of nice cars of every decade, as well as drift RC cars in full force. There were people of all ages, an RC Drift car track, and good food served. This was a show to see.