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WekfestLA 2013 Video Coverage

If you missed anything this past weekend from Wekfest LA, here’s some video coverage to recap the event! Filmed & edited by our very own Brandon Nguyen The event was full of good times, amazing cars, and the lovely scenery of the Queen Mary Port.

Countryside Autobarn Subaru x Touge Factory FRS/ BRZ Meet.


I must say, I do love the FRS/BRZ, and seeing so many different ways one car can be tuned was awesome! There were all sorts of different styles from drift inspired, to track inspired and some show only set-up’s but regardless, they all looked damn good. The FRS and BRZ Have been out since March of last year and has already become so popular, there are countless companies that make aftermarket goodies for the FRS/BRZ platform already.

CarsxHype 3rd Annual Show!

It is finally here! The day has come and gone, but it is now time to relive the event for all that attended as well as for all those that couldn’t make it out that day.’s Third Annual Show! The day was filled with so much craziness, but also so much fun. The show was almost like a season opener for the car community up here in Norcal, and I’d say it was pretty successful. A lot of the boss cars came out to support the show, many of the cars being taken out of their garage for the first time this year. It was awesome seeing all the new setups for the year. Enough talk though, let us begin with the coverage!

Mobile Monday’s | Flawless Datsun 510



Today’s Mobile Monday’s Post is this amazing Datsun 510. Its sitting pretty on a set of BBS RS’s, and has a little surprise under the hood- An F20C ;) In the next week or two I will be doing a full feature on this monster. So be prepared! :D

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Rocket Science: James’ Rocket Bunny FRS


It seems people can’t get enough of Rocket Bunny these days and it’s not hard to see why. Their FRS kit has to be the best available bodykit for that car right now. As far as how this particular Rocket Bunny kitted FRS came to be, well it all started with a photo. 

Team_Nostalgic BBQ Meet.


I was given the amazing opportunity to be asked to get coverage of the Team_Nostalgic x Four Star Society x Aficionado Car Club BBQ Meet this past weekend. These teams are always on top of their game, rocking some of the cleanest cars in the Chicago Area. Since its still fairly cold up here in Chicago not all the club’s members came out, some still have their cars in storage, and others are finishing up projects but it was still an incredible turn out! I can’t wait for the next BBQ which will be even better than this one! On to the coverage, Enjoy!

Throwback Thursday l Slammed Society 2012

With FD Long Beach coming up again this weekend, that inspired me for todays TBT. Last year, some of the CxH Norcal crew rolled down to Long beach to watch Formula D! It was a great journey down to Socal, and I wish we could have spent more time there. Not only did we get to witness some amazing drifting we also got to check out Socal’s finest fitted cars at Slammed Society! Socal was definitely killing the flush game! Check out our coverage of both here in todays TBT.

Slammed Scoiety & From the Bay to LA

Farewell SWAY GEAR


It is with a heavy heart I bring you guys the news that SWAY GEAR will no longer be operating. Although it may seem like somewhat of a melodramatic opening, to me it truly feels like the loss of a close friend. For those of you familiar with you are probably well aware of SWAY GEAR’s existence, whether it is through our product reviews of their merchandise or our recent collaboration with them on shirts. However, for those of you unfamiliar with SWAY GEAR let me share with you my experience with this great brand.

Breaking the Limits- Sergey’s Breath Taking SW20.


Chances are you have seen pictures of this MR2 many times, and with different wheels each time, each set making you drool. Well this week, Sergey’s outstanding MR2 rocks some crazy wide wheels- SSR Formula Meshies (10.5 Front and 12.5 Rear). Ever since I got into the Chicago car scene I have always drooled over Sergey’s SW20, and when I got the opportunity to shoot it for I was ecstatic. The first day it was above 20 degree’s outside we set up the shoot and got the ball rolling. Its not often that you see an MR2 on the streets, but when you see one as amazing as Sergey’s It’ll make your Jaw drop to the ground. I cant tell you how many people I saw taking a double take as he drove by them, even people who could care less about cars stare, because it is just that glorious.

Mobile Mondays- Stanced MR2.



Here’s today’s Mobile Monday’s picture! From our latest feature (Going up in a few hours) We bring you this shot of a gorgeous SW20 MR2 on SSR Formula Meshies! Enjoy!

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