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James’ Bossy XBox

First off I have to say this is one BOSS Xb. James’ has been working effortlessly on this car ever since he bought it back in 03. The car wasn’t initially meant to be the swaggin’ xb you see today though, it was bought just to be a daily driver. Then James went out to Vegas where he became close with the Bb Squad guys out there and saw what they were doing with their xBs. After attending a meet, the mod bug had gotten a hold of him. The car has gone through many different stages and it has gone through a long journey, but it finally made its way to the classy box you see today. Winner of the Best Scion @Blox 2012, check out James’ 04 Xb.

Daily Carry l Ger Lewis

Camera Gear
Here is the second installment of our “Daily Carry” section. Today’s daily carry is photog Ger Lewis. I pretty much carry everything you see here everyday that I am at an event.

-Official CxH shirt
-Phone (Samsung Infuse 4g)
-iPod Touch (8gb 3rd gen)
-Glasses/ Shades (Converse/ NOS)
-Wallet (Diesel)
-Key chain (Illest carabiner) I like to keep my key chain clean and simple without all the extra unnecessary stuff like lanyards and rubber pieces
-Watch (LRG)
-Stickers (Assorted) I always carry an assortment of stickers on me to sell to anyone looking to pickup some exclusive CxH swag.
-Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens; By far my favorite lens that i own so far. Not the most ideal one for shooting cars but it gets the job done.
-Nikon D3100 w/grip, hand strap, polorized lens, kit 18-55mm lens; Last but not least my baby! My camera that i carry around with me on the daily and my money maker lol. Without my camera I wouldnt have the job that I have, doing the thing that I love and that is taking photos!

Formula D 2012 Round 1: Streets of Long Beach video montage

Mikey “Photo M.D.” Dang, of PVR motor sports, made this awesome video montage of Formula D round 1 in long beach with the special participation of Carsxhype and Dayuum.

Never Say Never, Stormtrooper X Feature

Got the chance to shoot a feature of this intense EvoX after the CxH Ocean Beach Meet. I was glad to see that he came out even though the weather was suppose to be horrible, true dedication, and it definitely paid off because he was able to snag a feature on our site :) . The car broke necks as it rolled into the event. And I immediately went up and talked to him about his car. He even added a couple more parts the morning of to show off at our meet.

Never Say Never Preview

CxH Preview
Had an awesome time at the Ocean Beach Meet today, super windy but some awesome cars came out. Here’s just a preview of one of the cars we did a mini feature today ;)

Automotive Detailing 101: Acid Rain!

It’s recently been raining a bit in Socal and there’s some important stuff you should know about how it affects your car!

Automotive Detailing 101: The Microfiber Towel

It’s amazing sometimes what we can take for granted. It’s the simple things we forget about like hot water in our faucet system, a comfortable bed to sleep in at night, or for us car junkies the simple microfiber towel. ¬†Just think about it for a second would your car wash be the same without that fuzzy feeling microfiber towel in that lime green or baby blue color? We use it on everything from our dashboards to our body panels, windows, wheels, seats, and more. But have you ever wondered what is it that makes this towel just so amazing?

Automotive Detailing 101: What is Detailing?

Perhaps the most important and overlooked part of our cars is a simple state of cleanliness. Sure there are a lot of mods going on to catch your eye and the car looks decently clean, but have you ever wondered why the car next to yours at a show or meet just shines so much brighter? It’s not always because they have a newer paint job, but more likely because they properly upkeep and detail their cars PROPERLY.¬†I often get asked (actually pretty frequently) how I keep my car so clean and that I must be crazy for washing it so much. The truth is I only wash my car about once a month. When I tell people this their jaws drop in disbelief because my car rarely so even has dust on it. How do I do this you may ask? Well stay tuned to this first segment of Automotive Detailing 101 as I begin to spill the beans on the big secrets to keeping your car in top notch state.

Here she was at itsJDMyo after a long 45 min drive from hellaflush 2011: