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Carheads Against Cancer! Presented by

New Flyer
It is officially here! We are having our second annual meet this October at Umigos in Livermore. This meet is going to be a fundraiser to help raise money & awareness for our friend Terry who was recently diagnosed with Cancer. If you haven’t already read the story check it out here. Make sure to come out for a day of cars, gokarts, and to support a good cause! We’re also going to have all our merch available, so if you want to pick up some CxH swag come out! All the profits from our sales go to Terry. Spread the word!!! Do it for Joshey! :D

Sunday October 14th
Umigos Go Karting
6538 Patterson Pass Road
Livermore CA 94550

Click read more to check out the merch we’ll have.
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RepTUC: Tucson Streetwear at It’s Finest

Honestly I don’t even know how to begin to express my excitement to share RepTUC with you guys. RepTUC started out as a small operation producing limited run T’s. When RepTUC started they only had enough money to produce 26 shirts on their first run. They produce quality items in limited runs in honor of their humble beginnings. Owned and operated by two brothers, Iz and Jose, they keep everything in the family and we would like to share a glimpse with you of what they have grown into today.

Azuki x Cars X HYPE meet promotional video

Hope to see all of you at the meet this Saturday!
-Special thanks to Elwin at Azuki Boutique for putting this video together.


Even if you aren’t those sizes, you can always resell for $$$

Fatlace 25% off Sale!

Hey Guys Sale at Fatlace Emporium! Don’t Forget to enter the code”HIGHFIVE25″ upon Checkout!

Hurry the Sale ends April 3rd!

Start shopping @ Fatlace

US Versus Them Warehouse Sale

CHRISUAN x SWAY Limited Editions / Blowout Sale

THIS IS ONE SALE YOU NEED TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF! Up to 20% OFF DRFTATIRE X SWAY GEAR & Buy One Get One Free! This isn’t some sort of simple cliche shirts that you’ll find on any tuner website, these are home grown: by a drifter for drifters/those who love drifting. These are unique shirts and you should most defininetly cop a couple before the sale is over. Buy one get one free, how could you go wrong! View the items HERE[slideshow] HUF Sale has got a great sale on HUF right now. If you’re looking for a new jacket, or button down, you should definitely check it out. I know I’m gonna buy something. Check it out HERE

illmotion Sale

Our friends over at illmotion have got a sick deal going on right now. Buy a shirt get a free sticker! Not gonna lie, their “Made you look shirt”, is dope. With a black and tiffany color scheme, its simple but stands out. Buy them at illmotion[slideshow]

Vans Sale!

[slideshow]Right now Tilly’s has got a sale going on for Vans shoes. You can pick up so Vans Authetics like the ones pictured above for only $20! Buy them at Tilly’s

UPDATE: The sale is now over :(