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From Family Cruiser to a Fresh Fitted Wagon.

It’s not often that you see a pre mid 90′s Civic now days, but when there are people like MJ who not only keep them alive but make them cleaner and all around better it becomes much more than just a Civic. This is the cleanest Civic Wagon I have seen before and I felt it was necessary to share it with you all.

Pic of the Day | Aged Celica Supra

More late night photos as I’m out and about by yours truly. That night, I was supposed to shoot a model, but I ended up shooting this beauty instead. This beautiful Toyota Celica Supra is a gem you don’t see very often stock, let alone in such a nice state as this one is. What’s even more amazing is that the chassis has over 330k miles and the original engine has been through countless rebuild, yet JB still keeps her around, slowly making her into the perfected gem he desires.

Photos and words by: Braulio Negreira

Deep Dish | Manny’s Stanced 350Z

We’ve all had that car that we just want to go buy and then drive. Not a car to just drive to and from work, school, home, or the mall, but drive to create a connection between yourself and the car. Well what happens when that urge finally dies down a bit, you and the car become rooted with each other, and you start thinking how you can improve on what beauty the factory has already given you? Well ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Manny and his 350z.

Game Changer | Not your typical Galant.

I’m going to be honest, the first time I saw Jigz’s Galant It took me awhile to realize it is in fact a Galant. I couldn’t believe how aggressive it looked and I had never in my life seen a tuned Galant prior to seeing Jigz’s. But let me say this, he has done a phenomenal job making an average car into a Jaw dropping sexy beast. Yep, a sexy beast. I love everything about his Galant, the paint color is perfect- it draws just enough attention for people to look at it and try to figure out what the masterpiece they are looking at is but it doesn’t scream for attention. The fitment, its spot on in my opinion! Just the slightest stretch on the tires makes it fit so well but still keeps its performance since he plans to track this Galant this coming spring.

Dion’s Bagged Audi

For our SoCal viewers I’m sure you’ve seen this super seksi bagged A4 from #Bawss_Dion, but up here in Norcal its not often that we get to see super clean bagged cars, we’re about that static lifestyle. With that being said when Dion’s car showed up on our Instagram we had to contact him about a feature! At the time I was down in Socal visiting and I’m so glad I got the chance to shoot this feature! His car is clean and classy, and Dion’s one of the chillest carheads I’ve ever met. Check out his ride!

Levin Notchback AE2k

I recently had the chance to shoot one of the most intriguing cars in the Bay Area. From the outside, it looks like a normal, stanced Toyota Corolla AE86 with the Levin Notchback body. However, under the hood lies one of the most powerful street-legal Honda engines ever made. Yes you read that right, this car is Honda powered, more specifically an F20C out of a 2004 Honda S2000. But other little gems also hide under the hood of this beauty.

Pic of the Day | Levin AE2k

I recently had the chance to do a photo shoot with this amazing AE2k. An entirely race-stripped interior, Sparco bucket seat for the driver, and an F20c from a 2004 S2000 are just a few of the gems that linger within this beautiful Levin notchback AE86. More photos and the entire spec sheet to be seen in the upcoming feature!

Bride Low Max: The Illest Edition Zieg III Type R

With SEMA 2012 displaying some of the latest modifications for your rides, Bride and Fatlace are at it again, but this time in collaboration!

Pic of the Day

Hellaflush Xiii coverage coming soon! ;) Stay tuned later today, for now check out Mark’s Skyline.

GMK All Day! Double Feature!

If you haven’t heard of the GMK crew yet, here they are! Grease Monkey Krew did it big this year! They brought out some of the freshest cars to the shows and their hard work paid off, by taking home some trophies and landing a feature. Gmk is a crew based out of Santa Rosa and they daily their cars. I remember first seeing their cars last year at West Coast Nationals and thinking those are some dope cars. I didn’t get a chance to talk to them last year though. Then I didn’t see them again until this year at Blox, where I saw that they changed up their whole style. I honestly didn’t recognize the cars. The time off gave em time to take already clean cars and make em different than what you normally see in Norcal. I introduce to you two members from GMK, Jose’s Fa5 and Jesus’ s14.