ProjectFRS: Varrstoen Wheels & BC Racing NA

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To kick off our ProjectFRS build, we were honored to have a few companies join us in our journey. Two companies who played major roles in our build were Varrstoen Wheels and BC Racing NA. We would like to thank Navith from Varrstoen Wheels and Cody from BC Racing NA for helping us in our build and getting us where we needed to be in preparation of our debut at Formula D: Long Beach and the rest of the 2014 show season.


After a long and hard decision of choosing which wheels would fit our FR-S the best, we decided to go with the Varrstoen ES1s in 18×9.5 +34 for all four wheels. To accommodate the drastic height change with the BC Coilovers, we wrapped the Varrstoens in fresh Nexan N3000 225/35/18 tires. The nice stretch allows the car to sit low and flush without any rubbing issues.


We chose to go with BC Racing NA because after many hours of research, we concluded that they were built with quality and thoroughly researched/developed for our chassis. We are very satisfied with them because we dropped it down to the height that we want and there’s still tons of room to go even lower if we ever plan to in the future.The drop from the coilovers and choice of wheel brought this car together very well. It’s nice and simple but still has an edge that makes it different from the rest of the FRS/BRZ builds.


When it came down to choosing the wheel. we wanted something that was wide enough where we didn’t have to run an extreme amount of camber to fit them or have too much of a stretch where we couldn’t have fun driving it hard around corners. We wanted something close to factory spec but with a little more meat for grip around the corners or straightaway.


For our build, we decided to go a different path than most FRS enthusiasts. We’re aware that this car was made for performance and function but we wanted to join the stance scene. It’s not every day that you see a slammed FRS on the street, they’re usually at a track height with some RPF1’s and meaty setup. Our build isn’t for the track but it’s not to be kept as a show queen either. We wanted to be able to drive it everyday with a little fun spirited driving here and there. Our style wasn’t too crazy, we just wanted it to be simple and clean.


Well, this is it for our introduction of our Project FRS at it’s first phase. Stay tuned to see what we have in store!

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