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November 15th wrapped up the last in the Midwest Drift Union ProAm series located at the Gateway Motorsports Park just outside of St. Louis. While the turnout was smaller than usual, due to the extreme cold (even for November in St. Louis) this provided the opportunity for more hot seat time for amateurs working their way up the ranks.


Last minute prep was done on site to not only ensure their S chassis and beamers could withstand the brutal punishment of non-stop redlining and tire spinning, but to make sure that they could add more grip to compensate for the below freezing temps.


The first out on track were caught by surprise by how cold the pavement was and how little grip was available. This meant that more that a few might have been introduced to the wall, especially on the long sweeper, known to be difficult to lower-powered N/A drift cars.


Plenty of practice runs later, it seemed like everyone had their cars sliding through the Apex with style.


D Racing’s E36 had no problems sliding the long U-shaped sweeper towards the north end of the track.


Neither did this boosted RX-8, RX-7, or S14. See the below “… this is where clouds come from” gallery.


At the early end of the day (fearing that an incoming storm might make proam snow drifting a thing) Brian Petter and his gorgeous RX-8 clenched victory and first place at the podium for the end of the season MDU rd5.


Stay tuned for more Formula Drift coverage from CarsXHype coming up in the 2015 season.

Article written by Brent Conklin, Pictures provided by Brent Conklin of BNC Photography.

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