Young Grasshopper | Isaac’s BRZ Mini Feature

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Isaac’s Subaru BRZ is in its early stages. He Bought the car 6 months ago and the build is looking promising. He started with just looking for a car with a good platform to build off of. He wanted somewhat a sporty ride and at a first glance he fell in love with the Scion FRS. After doing some more research the Subaru BRZ caught his eye. He decided to go with the BRZ, and he loves it. It’s amazing to see all the builds that are coming up from all over the world from this car. From Rocket Bunny kits to Aimgain kits and many more. He’s been building up his car piece by piece. Not a bad daily driven ride for a college student i must say. I can’t wait to see more of where he is going with his build. It is currently sitting static on AG f141. He also has little parts such as exhaust, royal grip steering wheel, and a lip kit by HT auto. He still has a lot to learn about building cars so i shall call him “Young Grasshopper” and teach him as much as I can. – Mike Phan

Issac's Brz

Issac's Brz

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