Hot Import Nights Houston TX 11/08/2014

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Photos by Kerry Guevara. Words by Mike Phan

Hin Houston (142)

Hot Import Nights never ceases to amaze. This show was combined with “The Vape Summit” which was huge! Basically a whole convention for vapors. All the big and small vapor shops came out to offer their products to the industry. Oh boy they didn’t just bring out e-juices and high end vapors, they brought out their own models too (which were all beautiful by the way). The Car show side was fairly small but came out with a bang. Mostly all quality builds and some of the sickest line up i have ever seen. It just so happens that this show landed on my birthday so i was busy celebrating and drinking with my new friends from Houston. Here are some photos by my partner Kerry Guevara.

Hin Houston (138)

My favorite ride of the show was this beautiful NSX from Team Apokalypse by Jason Lee.
The overall presence of this was breathtaking.

Hin Houston (25)

Unbelievable whip…. can you say street sweeper?????

Katie Rash Rocket Bunny style IS350 is always my favorite to see at the shows. She has her own style that she incorporates into her build. Instead of doing the “stanced” thing she went for “speed” which is awesome to see both varieties at the shows and meets.

When I think of Toyota Camry I think of my mom’s car, and when i see this Camry? i wish i would of owned one! Respect to the OG team that i look up too. TEAM IKON!!!

Come on… what else can you ask for at a carshow? They had everything!

Remember the line up that i said that was sick earlier? This is it!! Team Prospekts murdered it with all their builds! These are some of the builds that came out.

This team is definitely putting Houston on the map in the car world!

No one does it better than “The Prince of Rice” lol Chan Le’s vision is a sight to see.

Im not a huge fan on Honda civics…. But this build sure does changes my mind.

Patrick from Team Nemesis owns this Track/showroom ready FRS.

No showroom is complete with out a gorgeous GTR.

Never have seen this accord before. But this ride is sitting right on a set of Enkei RPF1s

Three words comes to my mind when i was standing in front of this bike. SLAMMED, STRETCHED, WHOAAA

This BMW stuck out of the crowd. The color on it is amazing. From purple to blue back to purple.

Gram Lights were always one of my favorite set of wheels. I can’t wait to own a set on day.

Do you know what love feels like? i felt it when i saw Tianna Gregory =]

Holy moly!!!!! I have never been to a HIN that the model contest was so huge!!! A ton of Beautiful models lined up to give you free merchandise and represent for their companies!

Yes Dannie Riel came on stage and showed us all to remember to get your potassium lol

Me and my bros only brought out 3 cars to HIN this show. But we came with a bang!!! Widebody Aimgain IS250, Widebody Aimgain BRZ, Widebody Turbo TL. We took home 6 awards including Best of Show and Runner Up Best of Show! Square1 Baby!!!

All into the details! Carbon Fiber everywhere in this beautiful 350z

The one and only Wayne of HIN showing off his gorgeous 240

My biggest Competition was this man. Adam Arms, Through out the whole year we pushed each other into doing some crazy stuff to our cars. We both drive IS250 so we are in the same class. We go blow to blow at each car show and there will be more to come.

Here are some rides that was also in the show that i didn’t catch a chance to talk too.

Mike From CVT Design brought his dope vans and stunned the show. Right when we got done setting up and i caught him walking out, i asked him “where you going?” he told me “gotta go back to the shop and work man… Its still a work day.” I was amazed. This is what makes a business succeeds. No fun time until he his done with his work. Mad props to this man.

Many of these kids rides are getting pretty detailed.

Im not sure what their team name is called but these Genesis line up went pretty hard. Genesis Gang!

I was beyond intoxicated at this point. Somehow i still manage to make it up on stage and collected my awards lol.

Overall This is the most fun i went too. Thank you for everyone birthday wishes and until next time!!!

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