H2oi 2014 | Part 1

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H2oi was an experience i’ll never forget. This was my first year ever attending and it was the best time. The amount of people and cars that were there immediately blew my mind.  People were walking, driving, and even riding a unicycles from street to street just to see all the cars spread out throughout the city.  There was a wide variety of cars and everyone had their own personality. There were riots, many cars being impounded, and many tickets being handed out due to “unsafe” vehicles.  You couldn’t go a block without seeing a car being pulled over.  The cops were all over the place, but that didn’t stop anyone though because a few minutes later you saw that exact same car cruisin down the strip once again.  I recommend you go to next years h2oi if you’ve never been.  It really is an amazing time like people say.

Anger face: ON


One minute cruising on the strip…next minute pulled over by OCPD.


Fitment on point.


VWs for daysssss, which makes sense because it did start as a VW event.

Bimmers peeking out….

But there was one BMW that was a star of the show.

Seems pretty normal right….

Minus the massive matte black pipe….that cant be good for performance. But it is good for bosozoku scene points.

Scoobys like to play too.

Big Wing <3



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