Offset Kings Formula D | Fort Worth TX 2014

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Offset Kings was small this year but the show had nothing but spectacular cars. From a beautiful M35 from AP Garage to Falken’s drift cars, everything was packed into the middle of Texas Motor Speedway. On one side of the infield you have all the vendors and booths and the other side was all professional drifters from Formula D it was a blast covering this event. We worked hard and partied hard all at the same time. Here are a some pictures from the event!


It was filled with people just like last year at this event. The drifting brought all kinds of people together.


The Formula D booth was right in the middle of it all. I couldn’t help myself. Every time i walked buy i wanted to buy another shirt or stickers.

“The start at night are big in bright. Deep in the heart of Texas” Hankook sure knows how to let everyone know where the heck we are!

The event brought out all the pros and amateurs of drifting. Here are some of the beautiful ones i got to saw

Beautiful right? those are just some of many drift cars ready to tear it down the track and burn some rubber.

Falken Tires Booth was nothing short of amazing. They brought out some of the most beautiful girls and cars out there!

Many booths were set up for people to stop in and get free samples and buy clothing.

On to the car show side. Plenty of different cars i have never seen before. I’m glad i got to meet new friends.

A brand that always pleases is ISS Forged wheels. Love the way they look on this 3rd Gen IS

A true original platform for a VIP Build. Ian never cease to amazing everyone with the detail in his GS

Another awesome car i always seem to follow around is Andy Phan’s M35

Team Nemesis brought out their girlfriends and moms cars to the show and killed it like usual. Here are some of the quality rides they brought out to show.

Only a couple of them were able to make it to this show and yet they still delivered.

Team Square 1 and Team Nemesis sure did some team bonding time. LOL

My homie Jack rebarreled some of his old wheels for the show and he screwed up his fenders a couple of days before the show. This is his way of fixing it.

Jack also owns this Kouki s14 on LXZ

Another big body ride i admire is this Chrysler 300 bagged on AG wheels

How many people out there are bold enough to build a VIP Inspired Hybrid? Scottie is doing this thing right by having it sit perfectly on Luxury Abstract with Rose Gold hardware.

Who doesn’t love a R33 Skyline??? I sure do

Two STI sitting on 2 of my favorite wheels ever. Rotiform TMB and Work Schwerts SC2

Thomas Ho brought this show stopper all the way up from Houston TX so be apart of the show.

The way this XB sits on the floor was a attention grabber for me. I stopped by this car a couple of times

How clean this car was… Made me think this car was sponsored by MR. Clean himself

Two of my favorite Gals of all time! Nicole Nguyen and Cynthia Nguyen

The Beautiful Marie Madore came by some love to Square1

Thanks for Viewing my coverage of Offset kings I had a blast with everyone and can’t wait to do it again next year!

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