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There are people who like to follow trends and others who like to observe a trend and then add their own personal touch to it. Brenden and Nick, the owners of these gorgeous cars are the kind of people who like to add their own personal touch. They both like the stance trend, but Brenden (The owner of the RSX) has always loved drift style so he has taken some aspects of the drift styling and applied them to his RSX. Nick on the other hand decided to kill the stance game with his obscenely low static FIT.

IMG_5072 IMG_5205

Brenden has always been into cars, “Hot wheels and NFS Hot Pursuit were my childhood so it only made sense to start tinkering with cars.”

IMG_5237 IMG_5039

Brenden said “A few years back the whole “Stance” thing was making its way around the internet, low cars and big wheels that don’t fit. It was cool; I wanted to be a part of it, drive broken cars and break necks, I mean you can’t get any better than that.”


Brenden said “I’ve owned it a little over a year, bought it 4/20 2013, still remember it like it was yesterday, I had went to check it out on the previous night and in the morning I got a group of the boys and rolled out to Indiana to pick it up. It was out in the middle of literally nowhere.”


He rocks a Buddy Club Spec II exhaust, which is his favorite part about the car- Its just loud.


“I had a 03 Rsx Type-S before this one and the deal I came across for this was too good to pass up so I bought it and sold my older one and fell in love. I was skeptical to pick up a Fwd car but it’s fun and reliable so you can’t really beat that.”


Mods List

Engine and drivetrain:

– Injen Short Ram Intake

– Innovative 95A Solid Motor Mounts

– Buddy Club Spec II Catback

– Exedy Stage 2 Clutch


– OMP Deep Corsica 350mm

– NRG Hub NRG 2.0

– Quick Release

– Broadway Mirror

– PBM Adjustable Coilover

– Copper/Gold Shift Knob


– Fuction & Form Type 2 Coilovers

Wheels and Tires:

– Rotiform NUES 18×9.5 +25 Drivers side Candy Teal Passenger side Candy Raspberry

– Front Tires Kumho Ecsta KU39

– Rear Tires Federal 595ss


– 06-07 Sti V-Lip

– Mugen Rear Lip

– 6000K HID kit

– Nokya yellow fogs

– Nokya yellow high beams

– Cree LED bulbs were placed in place of all stock interior, parking lights, license plate lights

– Hella Stickers yo


Now onto Nick’s FIT. It’s a 2013 Honda Fit Sport, he bought it new in March 2013. He said “I wanted an STi hatch. I always have, but I quickly found out I couldn’t afford a nice one. So I still wanted a hatchback and I always kind of liked the Fit and I new it was on the car and driver top ten for like 7 years running. I was close to getting a dodge dart or chevy sonic and I’m so glad I didn’t lol.”


“I’d always loved cars, starting with hot wheels and then in video games. My dad is a big car guy too and got me started. But he isn’t about stance. My friends brother always had slammed 240’s and I always was in awe when I saw him driving them around or working on them. The first nice stanced car happened to be on stancenation. The first time I went on the website, Elvis had just posted an updated feature on his car. I couldn’t believe how low he was and the amount of camber it had. I knew at that moment that that is what I wanted to do to my car.”


“I love the wow factor of being slammed. All you have to do is roll down the street and it is jaw dropping. My favorite part about the car is probably how low it is. That’s really the only reason why it’s cool. I pride myself on how long it took me to get it this low and the amount of custom work it took to get this low. I also take a lot of pride in how close the lip is to the ground and how I’ve been able to keep the car in pretty good condition.”


We tried to take a stereotypical “Credit card fitment” shot… but the credit card wouldn’t fit between the tire and fender lol.

IMG_5105  IMG_5114 IMG_5018

“We ended up with the same wheels for a couple of reasons. Before we bought the wheels it was brendens idea to do two colors. He suggested teal and I liked that idea too. My previous set of wheels was gold so I wanted to keep that going. The NUE’s came to be simply because they were for sale at the time I was looking for wheels. I liked how they looked and they were real wheels so I got them. Brenden got his wheels after mine were already powdercoated. He ended up with NUE’s because they were just a good deal and nice wheels. And he wanted a second color that would just say “fuck you” and decided on pink lol.”

IMG_5126 IMG_5124

The fact that he rolls this low static blows my mind, its stupid… but I love it and it looks so damn good. Every time I see his car I just stop and stare for a bit trying to fathom how he still has a bumper.


Mods List:


– Revo Technica Short shifter

– 10″ sick speed shifter extension

– 3 star dragon ball z knob

– T1R blue stitched shift boot

– All interior lighting replaced with LEDs


– STi lip
– Duraflex Mugen rep side skirts

– Morimoto D2S projector retrofit

– JDM taillights

– Visual Garage shark fin antenna

– Custom spoiler tilt

– Blue fog light vinyl and led bulbs

– Tsurikawa (subway handle)


– Rotiform NUE 17×8 +30 Candy HD Teal and Candy Gold powder Machined faces with super chrome windows

– 195/40R17 tires


– T1R test pipe and mid pipe

– Greddy Ti-C axleback

– Custom short ram intake


– Function and Form type 2’s with custom shortened lower mounts

– 12kg 5″ swift springs in front

– 8kg 6″ swift springs in rear 4

– SPC camber bolts and slotted holes


Watching people’s reactions as Brenden and Nick drive down the street is so entertaining. Half of the people whip their head around and just stare for like 15 seconds.


Thanks for reading my feature on these gorgeous static masterpieces. If you would like to see the whole gallery, check them out on my Flickr here.

Also feel free to check out my Facebook Photography page for more of my work here.


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