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When it comes to modifying your car, there are catalogs beyond catalogs worth of parts you can choose from. But what makes your car stand out and be unique is how your style and taste comes into play. As a car enthusiast and member of Outcast Garage/Team Outcast myself, I’ve looked up to 2C’s immaculate G37 for a while now. The amount of detail he puts into his car really shows how a true car enthusiast should build their car. From suspension to bodywork and interior to engine bay, everything is completely modified in some way or form. I am more than honored that he gave me the opportunity to shoot his car exclusively for


Before this, his car was dark blue on SSR MS3s. You may have recognized this car on Stancenation, Canibeat, or even Pasmag. By coming from such an extensive background, I was quite nervous and intimidated to have the honor of featuring such a car. The amount of work he recently put in his car drastically changed it’s appearance. The color you see before you might be just an ordinary white but if you look even closer, it actually shines blue. The cool thing about it is that it’s actually wrap not paint. When you walk around and look closely at the car, you wont be able to tell that it’s wrapped unless he tells you!


This is my favorite part about 2C’s car aside from the crazy fitment and interior work. His engine bay is so clean, you can practically eat on it… no joke! He has a full dual titanium custom fitted intake going all the way to the back of his engine block. His engine bay is so neatly tucked away, even he doesn’t know where all his wires are! Along with those jaw dropping highlights of the intake, 2C has tons of carbon fiber parts from fuse covers to engine covers. The blue titanium, engine bay tuck, and carbon fiber work so well together. Everyone always claims they’re the first ones to run an aggressive fitment and have bags on a G37 but he’s been the original trendsetter since 2008 when this platform (V37) first came out. Why? You can’t run an aggressive set of wheels without running into issues. 2C was the first to figure out how aggressive he can be but at the same time how luxurious he can be. He figured out the perfect amount of stretch for tires, the most proper and efficient air management system and the perfect combination between color scheme, engine work, body/lip kits and interior work. That’s what makes him the original trendsetter.



To fill the up all that space in the fender well, 2C changed up his wheel set up from the SSR MS3s to these super concave SSR CV01s. I actually never thought about getting black wheels until I saw these. I always thought black wheels didn’t have the ability able to bring out enough detail but he sure showed me wrong. Here you see his super concave SSR CV01s ever so elegantly touching his fender making his fitment on point. It’s easy for someone to get bags and wheels but the amount of work it takes to build the right wheel with the right specs and offset along with the right about of camber to accommodate the wheel is harder than you think.


A lot of people mistake 2C’s trunk as a CSL style trunk but really it’s a Hikkadori custom rear trunk with an integrated spoiler. This is a one of the kind trunk that makes his rear end stand out from everyone elses. I believe it’s one of the reason why he holds over 28 trophies in the past four show seasons. When it comes down to custom work, the result can either be totally out of the car’s style and context or hit the jackpot. From his car completely wrapped a different color to his new super concave SSR wheels, Everything on this car compliments one another.



2C is glad he started Team Outcast back in 2008. Ever since, the team has been growing bigger,better, and stronger locally and nationally. Loyal customers of Outcast Garage have team up with 2C to show as Team Outcast all over the United States. From West Coast to East Coast, “Once an Outcast. always an Outcast”.  2C’s G37 and Chris’ APR Widebody G35 are the faces of Outcast Garage. To be able to shoot one of their “iconic faces” is an incredible honor and I’m glad 2C gave me the chance to feature it exclusively for



Complimenting those super concave SSR CVo1s is a Wilwood BBK with 6pot 14″ rotor up front and a 4pot 13″ rotor in the rear. His blue lugnuts matches the color of his pearly shine from his wrap. As I mentioned earlier, this wrap is white with blue pearl so it shines blue under direct sunlight. 2C took this platform to a whole new level. In the kindest words of Marcus Cooke, he’s been blazing trails since 2008 and will continue blazing trails even after this feature. Before this,  he was the “trendsetter”, the “trail blazer”, the “stanced down”, after all those stages of different wheel set ups and as his parts list grew even larger, after four long years, He is STILL KEEPIN’ IT G! Thank you for this amazing opportunity and stay tuned for what he has in store next!


2C would like to give a special thanks to those who have been with him throughout this build: Team outcast, Outcast Garage, Extreme Autowerks, Corner 3 Garage, Infinite Auto Design, Universal Air Suspension, SSR Wheels, Falken Tires, Lite-speed, Amplified Motorsport, and Baid Polish.


  • Outcast Garage Z-Style Front Bumper
  • Outcast Garage Z-Style Side Skirts
  • Outcast Garage Z-Style Rear Bumper
  • Outcast Garage Front Splitter
  • Hikkadori Rear Custom Trunk
  • AIT Racing Carbon Fiber Roof Spoiler
  • VIS Racing Slayer Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Custom White w/Blue Pearl Vinyl Wrap by Extreme Auto Werks


  • Custom Interior with Katzkin Products by Infinite Auto Design
  • Custom Audio w/ Image Dynamics Audio


  • Lite-Speed Racing Full Titanium Intake
  • Full Status Elite Dry Carbon Fiber Covers
  • NRG Carbon Fiber Hood Dampers
  • Custom Overflow tank
  • Samco Hoses
  • Password JDM Bolts
  • ARC Oil and Radiator Caps
  • Custom Full Engine Wire-tuck by R-Rydes
  • Cusco Strut Bar
  • GTM Test Pipes
  • Lite-Speed Titanium Cat-Back Exhaust


  • K-Sport Coilovers (Shock Only)
  • Universal Air Ride Suspension
  • Accuair E-Leveling Air Management
  • SPC Full Camber Kit
  • Full Hotchkis Sway Bars
  • Full Racing Gt-Spec Under-Bracing


  • SSR CV01 Super Concave F:20×10 R:20×11 (offset disclosed)
  • Falken 453 Tires 225/30/20 & 245/30/20


  • Wilwood Big Brake Kit (F: 6pot 14”/ R: 4Pot 13”)

Photos & Words by: Brandon Nguyen exclusively for

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