Team är-kªn’: Jovi’s Evo IX

Photos by Rj Deslate, Words by Alvin Thaiteamarkan-36

When I first met Jovi I immediately recognized him to be the heart of Team Ar-Kan. He owns not 1, not 2, but 3 show cars including this amazing Evo IX featured in modified mag a few years ago. It also recently trophied 1st place in Hot Import Nights “mildly modified” category in show. But hold on a minute here, just look at the picture above, there is nothing “mild” about it! From the custom C-west and Voltex lip combination, agressive track them, and hidden 2-tone white exterior I’m baffled as to how anyone can say car is “mild”.


No really, I am seriously confused here. There’s so many details in this car it’s more of a wild beast than a mild street car. Being reffed by California’s ridiculous C.A.R.B. board 4 times will tell you otherwise as well. Looking closely at the picture below you can see a variety of white shades along the car from the glossy white paint to the matt-white wrap along the upper portions. To add to the texture is some carbon fiber goodies as well. In the shot below alone I can name at least 10 different mods. So why did the judges categorize is at “mild”? I have no idea, but I’m happy for Jovi for winning his trophy none the less.


This has become one of my favorite Evo’s of all time. I’m not exactly the biggest Evo fan either, but this one started to challenge my views on Evo’s. Everything just flows so well together in a complete composition. The front end is probably the most agressive front I’ve ever seen! It sports not one, but 2 lips, 2 splitters, a collection of canards, cusco bar, and ARC intercooler just demanding your respect as you gaze upon its glory. That being said with so much going on, it’s somehow not overdone at all! The parts are just unified into one piece to where some can’t even tell there’s numerous lip pieces on it. An interesting story to note about some of these parts is that some were bought a year in advance of the car! The complete Voltex kit from Japan was sitting in a garage along with a different set of wheels long before this IX was ever purchased. Needless to say there was a lot of careful consideration and planning through years for building this car.


Jovi may have 3 trophy worthy cars, but he really is a down to earth, non materialistic guy. The other week we went air-softing and it seemed he brought the whole Philipines with him! When I said before that he seemed like the heart of the team this is what I meant. He just has a good character and leader like quality to him. So I’m glad he’s getting trophies and magazine features, he deserves it!


Moving onto the interior and back onto the topic of cars, we can see the interior follows a strict Bride theme like the rest if the team. As complete as it looks he says he’s not done yet because it looks too simple and borring. I tend to disagree because being strapped into those Low-Max seats while a collection of gauges glared at me in anticipation is one experience I won’t forget.







(Voltex widebody street verion)

Voltex street version front bumper
Voltex carbon fiber cyber street version front lip
Voltex carbon fiber twin kanard (custom fit)
Voltex carbon fiber oil cooler duct
Voltex carbon fiber rear diffuser
Voltex dry carbon under tray diffuser
Voltex street version side skirt
Voltex carbon fiber wing type gt-v
Voltex rear widebody over fender
Voltex cabon fiber exhaust sheild
GARAGE HRS front widebody fender street version
JDM oem mitsubishi rear bumper
Craft Square gt3 style carbon fiber mirror
Seibon carbon fiber CW type 2 hood

ARC intercooler track version 2
ARC upper piping w/ name plate
ARC intake box
ARC radiator pipe w/hose
TOMEI turbo manifold
TOMEI turbo heat sheild cover
GARAGE HRS spark plug cover
GARAGE HRS carbon fiber cooling panel
SAMCO radiator lower hose
SAMCO turbo induction pipe
SAMCO upper mount hoses
SAMCO resevoir hose
SAMCO bov hose
SARD blow of valve
5 zigen pro-racer GN+ exhaust
GREDDY oil adaptor sensor
ANODIZED paint valve cover
ANODIZED lower intercooler piping
NISIE mini battery and holder
STILLWAY torque damper
CARBING oil catch can
TOMEI fuel rail
SARD pressure regulator
TOMEI camshaft exhaust 260*
TOMEI camshaft intake 260*
TOMEI CAM gears exhaust*
SARD fuel injectors 800cc*
CUSTOM steel bleeded fuel lines
BnM fuel pressure gauge


ZEALS function XS
CUSCO front/rear sway bar
CUSCO 6point roll cage
CUSCO front member power brace
GTSPEC 4point trunk cage
DG industries chassis strengthening bar
GARAGE HRS front titanium strut bar 3point
Beatrush front performance floor bar
BRIDE GIAS kevlar lowmax black gradiation
BRIDE fabric gradiation insert rear back seat
BRIDE black fabric arm rest custom fit
BRIDE fabric custom door inserts
TAKATA harness long version
TAKATA harness pads
BROADWAY 360 wide mirror
APEX turbo timer
DEFI gauge oil press
DEFI gauge oil temp
DEFI gauge water temp
DEFI gauge exhaust temp
DEFI gauge fuel press
DEFI multi link pad
Backing camera w/ wireless monitor
Oem volt gauge
oem boost gauge
oem water temp gauge
oem shift boot
oem CF brake handle
oem CF dash panel trim
JDM window visor
JDM red flare w/holder
NARDI Nobuteru taniguchi limited edition
WORK BELLS GTC raflix adaptor
WORK BELLS short hub
ARC titanium shift knobs
RALLIART carbon fiber center console

Pioneer multimedia unit dvd/mp3/cd/ipod/navi
Pioneer component speaker F/R

ENDLESS RACING brake kit 6piston
ENDLESS RACING brake kit 4piston
ENDLESS ZEAL straight 6 slotted disc rotor
ENDLESS stainless-mesh brake lines
ENDLESS CCR brake pads
MOTUL brake fluid

WEDSPORT TC-105N 18X10.5 +12
NITTO NT05 265/35 18
KICS r40 lug nuts








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