Zero Clearance: Stretch Your Legs VI.

Spring came early this year in the Midwest, and it came just in time for Zero Clearance: Stretch Your Legs VI! There was an outstanding turn out at this event, Montrose harbor was jam packed with cars from all around the Midwest. This was my first time attending Stretch Your Legs and I was quite impressed, There was such an incredible variety of cars from a Slammed Ford Focus to a F20c Swapped Datsun 510. It was awesome to get to see people’s Winter Project’s emerging from the garages to come out to this meet and show off their work. I will say though, my favorite car of the show was a Nissan 370z on Titanium Gram Lights. It was great to see all the crew’s that came out together like Chicago DC5, Strictly Pleasure, Daily Driven etc. At the end of the day the weather was beautiful, there was an incredible number of cars, lots of great people, only a few cars broke down, and only one firetruck showed up.

Outstanding RSX, the wheels and the drop look so aggressive!


S2k rockin' RPF1's.


I'm not normally a fan of FC's but this Convertible looks pretty good!


Front of the Convertible FC.




Now this is certainly not something you see every day, a slammed Ford Focus. And it actually looks pretty sweet!



I love the body lines of the newer Mazda3 Body Style.


S2000 <3


F20 Swapped Datsun 510, deffinitely one of the more unique swaps at the meet!



A full A-Spec Acura RSX, very rare to see! Part of Chicago DC5.


I'm going to miss the 1st Gen Genesis.


Such a simple, yet gorgeous RSX.


Darth Vader; this pretty much made my day.


Rocket Bunny Vert S13 :D


Rocket Bunny again


Alright, one more ;)


I wish there were more Slammed Miata's like this one in the area


Accord Wagon!!! :D I never see these!


"Lambokings".... So this is just their daily driver then right?


Wicked Wide Bodied EVO


Wicked Wide Bodied EVO


Such a clean S2000




My favorite car of the whole show, 370z on Gram lights with a titanium lip <3 :D


Some Gensis's looking great as always.


Cosworth Merkur XR4Ti!



Uhhhhh... Upforce..?



350z sittin' on RPF1's, so clean!



Risky Devils RX7 FC.


Risky Devils FC. Drifters could live off of just Duct Tape and Zip Ties ;)

So many people attended that even with my 10-20 Wide Angle I had to take two shots to fit all the cars in, and there were just as many cars behind me as there were in front of me!



That License plate fits the car so well.




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