This Means Business: Kyoei-USA’s VIP LS400

To me this LS400 really embodies the entire style, work ethic, and finesse that Kyoei-USA is. It is very hard for me to describe this car in one word but “detail” is one of the first words that comes to mind. Otis and I had the great fortune to shoot this car and even ride in it to our photoshoot spot. Seeing this car in person really takes your breath away. Owned and maintained by frontrunner in the LS400 scene Jin Ueno, you can really see all of the hard work that went into this build. No aspect of this desert beauty was left untouched.

In case you haven’t noticed this car practically sits on the ground thanks to it’s Aimgain Aero and Airrunner Suspension supplemented by Nagisa camber adapters.

The rear end of the car boasts a custom six exit exhaust custom powdercoated candy red. The car is themed with twinges of hot-rod culture invoking a more carefree time period . Look at the dice license plate bolts hanging over the “UCF20″ Vanity plate. UCF20 is the chassis code for the 2nd Generation LS400′s.

This beautiful shot emphasizes the immaculate nature of Jin’s LS400.

This big body sedan has no issue at all tucking the massive 20×10 +9 Weds Mavericks. Offsets less than that of your shoe size is almost a necessity when building a VIP car. Jin’s choice to tuck the wheels instead of having the fenders sit between the lip of the rim and the tire demonstrate how low this car sits.

The interior is very cozy and mature. Sitting inside of it is akin to stepping into the office of Ron Burgundy. It’s as if many leather bound books belong there and you would expect the smell of rich Mahogany when you step in. Reality check, it actually has a Japanese squash air freshener.

2 bottles of Japanese Sake and a pack of Japanese Cigarettes occcupy the custom built VIP table on the passenger side.

The floormats have been replaced with removable stained wood panels. The trunk also contains a matching wood paneling around the air compressor.

Close ups on the Weds Mavericks. The silver paint accented by the polished lips work very well with the black canvas of the car.

Here you can see some of the beautiful pinstriping work hidden behind custom hood fins that are actually wired to LED lights that come on when the headlights turn on.

Can you spy the pinstriping design on the center of the hood? Little details like the red pinstriping that matches the red foglights accentuate the subtle beauty of this LS400.

Being so low never looked so good.

Jin has always been a great friend of the blog supporting us and we are proud to present his LS400 to you. Things don’t get any hotter than they do in Arizona and In case you haven’t seen any of the prior content of Kyoei USA check out these previous features on other Kyoei-USA cars and their AZ headquarters tour! And if you need a great used Lexus LS400 for your project you can always find them here at this Lexus car auction.

Exterior & Suspension:

* ACC AirRunner Air suspension system
* Weds Maverick 315F 20×9+23 20×10+9 (1mm Kyoei original spacer to clear brake on front)
* Falken FK452 Tires F225/30-20 R245/30-20
* Aimgain Jun VIP body kit with roof spoiler and stylish grill, LS460 fogs
* Custom exhaust after cats with custom tips (candy red powder coating by Vyne Powder Coating)
* Nagisa Auto Camber adapter (front)
* Toyota Celsior Window Visor
* Toyota Crown Majesta Fender Marker light
* Japanese theme Pinstripe (hood and trunk) by Po Boy kustom
* 8000k HIDs, Low and fog


* Custom Headliner with fish skin texture, other interior covered with black pebble suede, Original neck pads, diamond stitch dash cover and rear tray cover by All American Upholstery Tempe, AZ.
* Luxre 1 LED Dome lights, other interior and exterior lights
* K-break front Table
* Crystal shift knob
* 2DIN Panasonic player with Beat Sonic wood grain trim with translator.
* Bellezza White Curtans
* Junction Produce white Fusa
* Custom rear arm rest cover
* Wood floor mats and rear trunk also
* Custom rear wood table
* All Climate control light replaced with LEDs
* LEDs 3rd Brake lights

Companies that helped during the build:

* Kyoei Auto Servicein Japan
* Aimgain
* Beat-Sonic
* Luxre 1 (LEDs)
* All American Upholstery 480.580.5863
* Po’Boy (pinstripe)
* Classic Gold Auto Centre (Paint)
* Vyne Powder coating
* M2 Motoring
* Xsell Media (Stickers)

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Photos: Otis Blank
Words: Michael Klonoff

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