The Hundreds x G-Shock | GW-5610 Watch

Although so many people have G-Shocks (I myself have 3), you got to admit, they are somewhat of a staple when it comes to anyone who wears street wear brand clothing. With that said, its no surprise that there are always collaborations between well known concrete culture brands and G-Shock. The last one that really got me excited was Illest x G-Shock collab…my excitement quickly turned to dismay when I saw that it was $245 for what was essentially a $90 DW6900 with different colors in a fancy box. Anyways, this collaboration also got me very excited because The Hundreds is, hands down, one of my favorite brands, but once again, my excitement turned to dismay when I actually saw the watch. The watch is the classic GW-5610 model, with a 2 tone strap, one being black the other white, the straps also feature The Hundreds script logo on it. The time keeping piece itself is all black.There is nothing wrong with the watch, but in my opinion, it is a little dull….bu I still want one, hopefully its not $245.No word on the release date yet.

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