Kyle’s Trusty White STi-ED

It’s not a common occurrence that we see modified cars driving on the road that can properly execute a track look without sacrificing aggressive fitment. What is the end result when you marry the two, just take a look at Kyle’s STi. It’s a daily driver, that combines the best of both worlds all in one package. If the aggressive aero doesn’t get you, nor the clean Satin White Pearl paint,the aggressive stance, fitment, and color of Kyle’s wheels will.

Finding the right car can just be as complicated as finding love itself. People setup a list of requirements that their future person of interest should meet, but more often than not people find themselves falling in love for a whole set of different reasons. Around 2007, Kyle went on a search for the perfect car, and he already had something in mind. The distinct rumble of the boxer motor immediately had him sold, but he ran into the dilemma of finding the right model that fitted him. At first his heart was set on a 2005 STi, but ended up with a 2007 model. He said that with a few mods, the Hawkeye body style grew on him more and more which lead to the purchase of the car.

Though he ended up with a newer model which was once his secondary choice, he still had one major criterion that it had to meet. The search was narrowed, but it all came down to finding the rare Sating White Pearl body color, which was first introduced in that year. Kyle visited four dealerships looking for the ever elusive STi and was lucky to find one.

The little details add personality to the car. Instead of putting on an aftermarket body kit, Kyle opted out for a more sleek and discreet lip kit comprised of an APR air dam, Chargespeed bottomline sideskirts, and a Voltex diffuser. “Clean and simple and not over the top,” is what Kyle had envisioned his car to be, but after seeing it in the rearview mirror, it somehow manages to take on the form of a charging white rhino.

Carbon fiber never looked so good and it’s probably because of the way that Satin White Pearl complements it. There is no better way to describe the rear end than “subtle and aggressive.” The Do-Luck style carbon fiber trunk and Voltex carbon fiber diffuser adds to the cars mean persona.

As we step into the interior, the track theme is still maintained. There are no fake parts to be found here, Kyle did a good amount of budgeting and saving to afford the Bride seats and the Cusco cage. Comfort was not completely forgotten and that is why a touchscreen head unit and custom VIP drink holders can be found in the front.

I’m a big sucker for the sparkly back of the Bride Zeta 3s because it definitely gives any dull interior some JDM bling factor.

The rear seat delete is covered with stickers that represent Kyle’s interests.

Sticker bombing the rear window of your own car with random stickers is distasteful. A lot of thought went into the series of stickers on this rear windshield, not only are they color coordinated but it’s way of Kyle showing love and support to the blogs, lifestyle, and clothing brand he supports.

Without a Doubt, this has to be one of the cleaner Subarus that’s being daily driven. It just goes to show that rusting hoods and sticker bombing is not necessary to make a car stand out, it just needs to be clean and simple.

Year: 2007
Model: Subaru Impreza STI
Satin White Pearl

STD Coilovers
Ingalls Camber Bolts

Custom Painted Rota Grid +33
Nankang NS2 225/40/18
Project Kics Neo Chrome

Invidia V2 Downpipe
Invidia N1 Race Catback
Perrin Panel Air Filter
Custom Tune

APR CF Front Air Dam w/ STI Emblem
Chargespeed FRP Bottomline Sideskirts Painted OBP
Voltex CF Diffuser
Craft Square TC-F Side View Mirrors
Do-Luck Style CF Trunk
JDM Rain Visors
Prova Front Tow Hook
Benen Rear Tow Hook
04-05 Tail Lights w/ JDM Tail Light Mod
Custom Tinted Headlights
Custom VIP License Plate Bracket
20% Tints

Bride Zeta 3 w/ Bride FO-Type Seat Rails
Cusco 6-Point Roll Cage
Beatrush Bulkhead Division Plate
Blox 490-LE Shift Knob
Avic D3 Headunit
JDM Black Center Console
JDM Hazard Button
Broadway Rear View Mirror
Custom Shift Knob Extender
Custom VIP Drink Holder

Kyle sends his shot out to his girlfriend for supporting his expensive hobby and his family and friends for the motivation.

Words By: MustacheTorres
Photos By: Andy Ngyuen, Astro and Norman Sun, and MustacheTorres

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