Good Things Come In Small Packages: Barry’s MK6 GTI

The moment we laid eyes on Barry’s MK6, we knew that we had to find out who the owner was. Low cars are few and far between on the sun damaged roads of the southwest. We saw that even in a land dominated by cacti and dust this white diamond could shine through. It is not often that one comes across a bagged GTI in Tucson, especially around the University which is where we ran into Barry. It turns out Barry wasn’t even from around Tucson at all but from Phoenix where he is stationed. Barry is one of those guys who gets extremely excited about sharing his knowledge and passion for VW’s. This is not his first VW and definitely not his first set of wheels either. This little VW has some MAJOR modifications done to it although it may not so easily appear to the untrained eye.

Lets start out with the front bumper. Do you notice anything different? Well look closely. It’s a TDI bumper that’s completely shaved and filled in, even down to the license plate holes.  Arizona doesn’t require front plates. Subtle touches like this enhance the OEM styling of the car which is what Barry was going for. (any of you California drivers beware getting a ticket for no front plate!)

Thanks to an Accu-Air E-Level management system and notched frame this car tucks 18″ wheels all around.

The 18×8 Audi Q5 wheels Keep things within the OEM+ style retaining roots to VAG styling.

Barry is actually a “wheel whore” and is on his 16th set of rims. It’s a tough life but someone’s got to do it.

Now those are some cool stickers. You can pick up your own carsxhype sticker in our online shop

One word that can describe seeing this car in person is immaculate. Hiding under that hood is some serious horsepower as well. This little hatch is running water/meth injection as well.

It just wouldn’t be euro without rocking a euro plate out back. Nearly everything is shaved/deleted save the door handles

These aren’t just any tailights, these are from the euro spec Golf R, complete with the rear foglight.

Overall Barry took this platform to a whole new level not following any particular style, just building it to how he wanted the car. He took cues from his favorite aspects and created his own look, that is really what building a car is all about. This collection of subtle modifications really help this car keep it low key and retain its OEM+ styling.


Barry would like to extend his sincerest thanks to his Family, his fiancee Brittany, BSH and EPIC Automotive in Phoenix, AZ for all of the help and Support!

Modification List:

Accuair E-level Management with controller hidden in the Euro Cupholder
Airlift XL front and rear bags
BSH 28mm Rear Sway bar and endlinks
front sway bar removed
Notched frame

BSH Engine, Transmission and Pendulum Mount
BSH Vent to Atmosphere catch can
BSH Race Intake
BSH Intergrated Throttle Body Pipe
BSH Boost Tap
OEM Noisepipe removed
Snow Performance Stage 2 Water Methanol Injection
Billyboat 3 Inch Downpipe
Agency Power catback with custom tips that dump behing rear tires
Sprint Booster
Innovate Wideband AFR
Neuspeed Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Hawk HP Plus brake pads
Adams Rotors Black Zinc Street Rotors

2010 VW Golf TDI front bumper with shaved sidemarkers
Rear Bumper Reflectors shaved
Rear Valence Exhaust Cutout Shaved
Shaved Hood
JOM Badgeless Grill
Rear Wiper deleted
Custom Euro plate
All Bulbs both interior and exterior swapped to led with no error codes
TDI interior trim
AWE Vent boost gauge
Podi Steering column AFR Gauge
Golf R pedals
MKV GTI leather seats
Rear seat deleted replaced with custom air ride enclosure
Rear trunk carpet colored black
Golf R LED tail lights with rear fog light


Audi q5 wheels 18×8 et39

205/40/18 Nitto Neogens


Photos: Otis Blank
Words: Michael Klonoff

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