A Touch of Class: Cesar’s Turbo Lexus GS300

No matter where you go, Lexus evokes style and refinement within the automotive community. In stock form, they are great looking cars with excellent performance and amenities that help establish their presence among many European rivals. It’s no wonder that the Aristo or GS platform is one of the most popular platforms to modify. Even though it’s nearly 2012, Cesar’s 2002 GS300 retains its own timeless look, staying true to V.I.P roots. In the continual pursuit of keeping a car fresh and new in the show scene, not many owners can continually innovate. This holds especially true when there is more to this car than meets the eye. Yes this is daily driven.

What could this innocent looking GS be hiding…

Here you can really see the beauty of the Artisan Spirits front end and foglights. What’s that poking out beneath the bumper? (It should be noted that the front lip of the car was destroyed just prior to the shoot when a rogue chunk of tire debris decided to declare war on Cesar’s car)

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, this car is boosted.

A close up shot of that 2JZ motor improved by the addition of a turbo. Let the Jay Z with Nas jokes begin. On a more serious note, Most VIP builds stop at the wheels and suspension but Cesar’s car leaves practically no aspect of the vehicle untouched. This is the passion for progress that is reflected in Cesar’s ride.

A close up shot of the 20×9″ Weds Mavericks 210S. They measure 20×10″ in the rear. Cesar calculated the widths and offset to tuck perfectly beneath his fenders. It is a change of pace from his previous setup which used to have the lip of the rim sit between the fender and tire for that tsuraichi style.

Here’s another shot to give you some perspective on that tuck. Weds Mavericks have yet to become as popular as Work Meisters or VS-XX but Cesar’s car really spotlights how these wheels are a perfect match on a big body Lexus while still maintaining a bit of sportiness to them. Like we mentioned earlier Cesar always seems to be ahead of the game.

The Tanabe Medallion exhaust gives this car a withdrawn growl that lets you know it means business without drawing too much attention.

The K-Sport Air setup lets this beauty sit just right.

Cesar hasn’t divulged too much information about his future plans for the car but we know that whatever he ends up doing will be clean and precise.

Modification List

Wheels and Tires:
-20x9F 20x10R Weds Maverick 210S Silver Polish
-235/30 & 255/30 Falken FK452

-Artisan Spirits Sports Spec Body Kit (missing front lip of course)
-Artisan Spirits Fog lights
-Junction Produce roof spoiler
-OEM Toyota Window visors

-Custom NA-T 67mm DBB Conversion
-OEM Toyota GTE Block
-Tanabe Medallion Touring Exhaust
-Performance built factory auto transmisson

-Ksport Air Struts
-Accuair VU4 4 Corner Valve Unit
-Dakota Digital Automatic Digital Ride Height Controller
-GenB Front RCAs
-Daizen front control arm bushings
-Nagisa Auto Caster arms
-Nagisa Auto Rear lower control arms
-Figs Engineering rear toe links
-Figs engineering rear trac links

-Bellezza Accessories
-Luxer1 Dome LEDs
-Clear shift knob

Cesar would like to thank everybody at Kyoei-USA, Suede Customs,UMS tuning and Carsxhype.

Photos: Otis Blank
Words: Michael Klonoff

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