VIP Swag ll Harjeet’s 3series

Harjeet’s car is one of the cleanest 3series i have ever seen in person! This is probably the one and only VIP 3series in NorCal. For whatever reason no one really goes VIP with this body style of Bmw. And its a surprise to me why more people don’t do this type of setup, cause this car seems almost perfect for VIP capabilities. At Carsxhype we love cars that do something different and venture away from the norm in a good way. This car is a perfect example of that.

This car has come a long way from how it looked at the beginning of the year. The journey of this car began back in May. It just became better and better from month to month to the point where it is now. Originally the plan wasnt to go VIP but as time went on, Harjeet wanted to go a different route than the average 3series. A lot of the transformation of this car came as a suprise to most people, because he kept alot of the changes under lock and key and only told people as soon as it was on the car.
The car is rocking an OEM set of 19″ 7 series rims fitted with nicely stretched 215/35/19 front 225/35/19 rear.
The car is pretty much a full VIP/ Showcar car but its also driven on a daily basis! Its lowered on coilovers. Equipped with led multicolor angel lights, led lights under the doors, eye lids, grill speakers & the whole interior sound system is redone with pioneer and a L7 12inch sub in the trunk. It also has a m3 bumper and front lip.
For added swag the interior is full VIP. It has VIP curtains, neck pads, and pillows courtesy of Junction Produce. And a full custom table courtesy of James of VIP’d Out. It is actually the first ever table fitted into a 3series!
Hope you enjoi’d. As always theres more photos here.

Photos & words by Ger Lewis.

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