Hello Annie: 63 VW Bug

Owning a car is like being in a relationship, it is a never ending cycle. Both parties have to work together in order for things to go smoothly, if the owner takes care of the car, the car will in return take care of it’s owner. Before a relationship of any sort begins, the hardest step has to take place first, which is called the “search”. Everyone is in the search of the “right” one and some of us may find that right one, and some of us won’t, fortunately for John he did and by no means is his find perfect, Annie is his 1963 VW Bug work in progress.

John has owned Annie for about 4 months now, and has been doing work on her non-stop since day one. Annie is currently dropped on KYB shocks, and rolling on a staggered BRM’s. Powered by love and dedication, John is in a relentless pursuit of stance perfection.

Keeping Annie true to her era, John decided to do a makeover rather than a complete overhaul. He added a VW roofrack, with some vintage luggage and a 1950′s era Coca-Cola cooler, and of course, curb feelers so that Annie’s shoes don’t get scuffed. She also sports a bone white paint job, EMPI single eye lids, gravel guards, and a raccoon tail hanging on the antenna. On the inside, she keeps her passengers comfortable with TMI seat covers sporting a black box weave, some Navajo pillows, pop out rear windows, another classic Coca-Cola cooler, and a dream catcher to add that vintage touch.

From what I was told, the car just needed a little TLC, she already had a a good body, wheels, and a upgraded 2180cc engine that kept up with the cars of today. Don’t let her age fool you, because underneath that classic exterior sits a beastly motor that sports dual 44 Webbers, mildly ported heads, and with equal length merged header running to a mondo exhaust.

John says that he has plans to make Annie a neck-breaker, which is a surprise because she already is. He has plans to lower her to the point where she is sitting on the ground, and he plans to achieve this look and stay static. He is unsure whether he wants to do a full restoration or repaint her, according to him “only time will tell.” For the meanwhile, Annie has an evil twin in the making and might undergo the same process as she did.

Soon after he picked up Annie, and decided to start over with a clean slate. So far him and Annie has had four months worth of happy memories and plans to have many more.

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Bug sedan

Year: Late 1963

Dual 44 Webers
Mild ported heads
Equal length merged header to a Mondo exhaust

Suspension/ handling bits:
Adjustable front beam KYB shocks
Lowered 2 splines in the rear
Sway bar bushings

BRM’s 5.5″ front 6″ rear
135 15 nankook front and 165 15 rear

Black box weave TMI seat covers
Bamboo parcel tray,
EMPI D hoop(roll cage)
Scat shifter
Dream catcher
Voodoo doll
Vintage coca-cola cooler
Navajo pillows

Bone white
VW roof rack
Single EMPI eye lid
Curb feelers,
Gravel guards
Vintage luggage
Vintage 1950′s coca-cola cooler
Raccoon tail
Wind breezies
Pop out quarter windows

-Mustache Torres
Photo Credit: Kevin Chow for CarsXHype.com

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