Shop Spotlight: Kyoei-USA

Kyoei-USA is much more than your average tuning shop. It is owned by none other than Jin Ueno and staffed by Ceasar Luna and Matt Bagwell. This place is a mecca to all that is VIP. As soon as you walk in the door you feel like you’ve stepped into someone’s collection of VIP goodies. Junction Produce, Aimgain, SSR, Air Runner, Superstar (Leon Hardiritt) Wheels you name it, it’s in there. Oh yeah, Nearly every single issue of VIPCAR magazine fill the bookshelves. You could spend the whole day hungrily eyeing the beautiful cars which I have done many times, but if you did you would miss out on all the other amazing things surrounding you.

Can you spy those AME Gestalts and Nel Classe RCK? These old school wheels are actually available still, but not for long. You can check out the details here!

Some of my favorite japanese magazines! Hey look a Carsxhype sticker!

A closer look at the display case shows an assortment of in car accessories from Crystal shift knobs and emblems to air fresheners and even Eneos Oil! You may be wondering what those shirts are. They are the latest drop from Atrophy clothing available in store! Otis and I picked one up while we were there.

Let’s head to the back where all the magic happens, Fortunately Otis and I came in just as Matt finished installing his very rare Tanabe Super Low Form coilovers and were able to see the new results of maximum lowness from these bad boys. Matt is a member of OOF! Crew a prominent name in the Arizona Stance scene and a very cool group of guys. I was actually assigned to deliver him the very latest OOF crew sticker from Tucson which arrived safely.

Here is one of the coilovers from Matt’s previous K-Sport setup. These will be availble to buy very soon.

Oh yeah! Gettin’ down and dirty! The Kyoei guys aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty from doing coilover installs to custom exhaust and fender work.

Here’s Jin polishing the rear brake caliper for that perfect look! Talk about a details guy! Jin is even developing some 1 and 2mm fine tuning spacers that he is going to bring with him to the VIP Festival in San Diego next month. Jin thinks of everything.

In this case we are dealing with a rare set of SSR Vienna LM9′s

Finally bringing her back down to earth.

While they are bringing the car down why don’t we take a look around the shop? Here are some super dished out Weds Kranze LXZ that came off of Ceasar’s GS. He is currently selling them as he is planning on running a new setup soon.

He wasn’t there that day but we decided to snap some pictures of his beautiful wheels. 19×11 -3 is a size not for the faint of heart.

Here are some more wheels hanging out on the sidelines. I wonder which customer ordered them? Kyoei is a distributor of very high end wheels. This month Mavericks like these are on sale. Kyoei USA is always updating their blog with the most up to date inventory and hot items.
Click Here to go to their blog.


After all of this talk of wheels and dish, we started to get hungry. Matt suggested some spaghetti and meatball calzones. I mean why not take two already awesome Italian foods and combine them? These things were amazing.

As we ate, Jin tuned in to the comedy radio station to the Howard Stern Program. It was priceless to see these guys laughing their heads off. It just goes to show you how amidst the hard work they do on cars they still find the time to take a step back from life and just have a good laugh over great food with friends. Matt and Jin are down to earth and hilarious guys.

With our bellies filled we headed back to see the final touches being put on the ride height.

Out in the sunlight we were able to get a really good view of the new setup. These Tanabes let Matt’s GS sit super low.

Time for a test drive to check for any rubbing issues!

Kyoei-USA attends SEMA every year and their latest project has to be kept under wraps. We got an exclusive sneak preview of the Kyoei-USA LS400 while they were out on their test drive. There are lots of subtle touches on the car like this Garson DAD Trunk Key garnish.

You’ll have to wait until SEMA to see the rest of the car! All I can say is that its from top to bottom revamped.

Here is another clue, the old exhaust is off of the car and it will have something brand new! Yeah Carsxhype has magical superpowers to hand bend exhausts (just kidding :P )

There are goodies hiding around every corner. Wheels everywhere! Jin can get practically and JDM part with his connections with Japan. Kyoei-USA is actually associated with Kyoei Auto Service in Kyoto, Japan. Even though his LS400 may be a USDM car, he is a JDM driver.

It was an amazing day full of lowness, food, VIP goodies and hanging out with Jin and Matt at Kyoei-USA. We would like to thank them for spending time with us despite it being rather hectic in preparation for SEMA. If you are in the Phoenix area you would be crazy not to stop by and check out the shop. Here is a link to their site and to their forum #/

Be sure to like Kyoei-USA and on Facebook!

Kyoei-USA Facebook: Here
Carsxhype Facebook: Here

Words: Michael Klonoff
Photos: Otis Blank

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Cars X Hype official AZ photographer, check out my website!
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