Cars X Hype Exclusive Interview with 5 & A Dime

The “mash-up” genre is a very interesting one, it takes existing beats/lyrics of one song and switches it with the beats/lyrics of another song. If you have never had the pleasure of hearing a mash-up before, you are in for a real treat today. 5 & A Dime is one of the best mash-up artists out there. When I listen to his tracks, they have me smiling from ear to ear, because not only are the vocal and beat combinations a serendipity but they sound just absolutely amazing. Cars X Hype was fortunate enough to be able to have a little Q & A with Gregory Kantor from 5 & A Dime. Listen to some of his tracks and read the interview to learn more! (The tracks with in this post are just some of my favorites be sure to listen to them!)

How old are you?
I am 20.

What genre of music did you start out listening too?
I’ve been listening to music my whole life. So I would have to say 90′s bands and early trance.

How did you get into doing mash-ups?
I first heard DJ Earworm’s mixes and it inspired me to make my own. Once I heard of people like Girl Talk, E-603, and Super Mash Bros, I decided to make my own on a more professional level and it started to become a hobby.

How long have you been doing mash-ups?
Well, I’ve been doing “5 & A Dime” for about 11 months now. I started messing around on the computer around 2 and a half years ago.

Why the name “5 & A Dime”?
Haha, when I was in middle school I was caught shop lifting from a Hoys 5 & 10 in New Jersey. I got arrested, and it was the same year I started DJing on turntables. I decided to use it as my mashup name eventually.

Are there any other people that officially help you with your music, or is it a one man show?
5 & A Dime has many people involved. First and foremost are two individuals, my best friends Viraj and Derrick who critique my music all of the time. Without them, the music wouldn’t be as crisp as it is. I also get critique from random fans, I’ll just go on Facebook, friend them, and send it to them and see what they think. I like criticism. You can only get better through feedback.

Where do you see yourself in a couple years from now?
Hopefully doing a bunch of tours and also being a producer. Lets hope that happens!

What has been your biggest achievement?
My biggest achievement has probably been getting the shows I’ve been getting recently. I have shows now in Texas, Kansas, Arizona, Indiana, etc. I hope it continues! I love touring.

What had been your toughest moment?
Probably when I was making a transition between my ex-manager and my current manager. My ex-manager was a jerk and I had to get rid of him. There was a gap in time before I got my new manager, where I was doing nothing show wise. That scared me a lot but I’m back on track!

If you could do a collaboration with any artist, who would it be?
Mashup wise, I’d love to do a collab with Girl Talk. Production wise, Rusko, Skrillex, Afrojack, and Bassnectar. But that would only be in a fairy tale haha.

What do you like to do for fun?
Besides mashups, I spend a lot of time hanging out with friends, partying, hanging out with my girlfriend, cooking, and playing video games. Just being a normal kid whenever I can.

How much of an impact has your fan base been for you?
Without the fan base I would be no one. I owe everything I have ever accomplished to my fans supporting me and spreading the word of my music.

When can everyone expect a new track from 5 & A Dime?
You can expect a new single off of my sophomore album, Ear Candy, dropping the last week of March. And the album drops April 19th.

If people wanted to find out more about 5 & a Dime, what should they do?
Find me on Facebook by searching “5 & A Dime” or go to my website to get all the links to all of my other sites.

Who would you like to thank?
I’d like to thank my friends for support, my family, my new manager, and all of my fans for believing in me!

Cars  X  Hype would like to thank Gregory kantor for the interview.

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  1. ashok says:

    Awesome interview – except for “Girl Talk,” I confess I don’t know much about the mash-up genre. Put the interview on Stumbleupon; hope that helps with traffic a bit.

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